I am no longer updating this site. Please visit the homepage for details.

Hello there, my name is Julian Cymbalista-Clapp. I’m a freelance reporter focused on Mixed Martial Arts. I studied journalism at Concordia university and created this blog to provide top-notch coverage of Montreal-area MMA. My work now appears on TopMMANews.com (TMN), Canada’s finest national MMA site.

To stay-up-to date with the site and my TMN work, send me a friend request  on Facebook. I post everything to my profile. Follow me on Twitter at @JulianCClapp.

I can be reached at jccblogs@gmail.com, or via Facebook message if you need to contact me. I’m bilingual, so I can converse in French as well (if that’s a concern).

And yes, I do realize the site is slightly under-designed, but that isn’t a facet of web page creation I’m familiar with, or talented at. I do sincerely hope the published content still keeps you coming around though.

Say hello if you see me at one of the events I cover, I’d be glad to meet you. My picture is below.

Thanks for stopping by. Merci.

Your intrepid reporter at Fightquest 16, hard at work across multiple media formats.

Interviewing Quebec's best MMA referee, Yves Lavigne. I'm on the right... Photo: Matt Consalvo


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