Looking towards 2012

Hello readers. With nothing much happening on the local scene this month, there shouldn’t be too many updates before 2012.

Ringside and Instinct MMA are both keeping mum for now on when their next events will be. February was the rumour floating around last month for Ringside’s next show, but that’s still unconfirmed. No information has emerged from Instinct for their 3rd event either, though at last word January and/or February were possibilities.

Either way, they’ll have to compete for attention with the UFC, which will be back in Montreal on March 24 for UFC 145. So far a Welterweight bout between Tristar’s Rory Macdonald (12-1) and Che Mills (14-4) is the only confirmed bout.

A few dates have trickled in for amateur shows, and the next UGC boxing/MMA event will be April 7.

See the full schedule by clicking on Upcoming Local Events (which can always be accessed via the bar up top).

Have a happy holiday, and see you in 2012,
Julian Cymbalista-Clapp

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