UFC 140 weigh-in photo gallery

Weigh-ins for tonight’s UFC 140 took place Friday in Toronto, with all but one of the 24 fighters hitting their target weight. (See here for full results)

In the main event, Jon Jones (14-1, 205 lbs) defends his Light-Heavyweight title against former top dog Lyoto Machida (204 lbs).

Brazil’s Nogueira brothers will both be in action, with Heavyweight Antonio Rodrigo (33-6-1-1, 239 lbs) taking on Frank Mir (15-5, 260 lbs), and Light-Heavyweight Antonio Rogerio (19-5, 204.5 lbs) taking on Tito Ortiz (16-9-1).

Montreal’s John Makdessi (9-0, 155.5 lbs) and Yves Jabouin (16-7, 136 lbs) will also be competing.

All photos courtesy of Eric Gaudreault (www.godro.biz).

Main Card

Lyoto Machida (204 lbs)

Jon Jones (205 lbs)

Jon Jones v. Lyoto Machida

Antonio Rodrigo 'Minotauro' Nogueira (239 lbs)

Frank Mir (260 lbs)

Frank Mir v. Minotauro Nogueira

Antonio Rogerio 'Minotouro' Nogueira (204.5 lbs)

Tito Ortiz (206 lbs)

Tito Ortiz v. Minotouro Nogueira

Brian Ebersole (170.5 lbs)

Claude Patrick (171 lbs)

Claude Patrick v. Brian Ebersole

Chan Sung Jung (145.5 lbs)

Mark Hominick (145 lbs)

Mark Hominick v. Chan Sung Jung


Igor Pokrajac (205 lbs)

Krzysztof Soszynski (206 lbs)

Krzysztof Soszynski v. Igor Prokrajac

Constantinos Philippou (185 lbs)

Jared Hamman (185 lbs)

Jared Hamman v. Constantinos Philippou

Dennis Hallman (158.5 lbs) *missed weight

John Makdessi (155.5 lbs)

John Makdessi v. Dennis Hallman

Walel Watson (135.5 lbs)

Yves Jabouin (136 lbs)

Yves Jabouin v. Walel Watson

Nik Lentz (156 lbs)

Mark Bocek (156 lbs)

Mark Bocek v. Nik Lentz

Jake Hecht (170.5 lbs)

Rich Attonito (170.5 lbs)

Rich Attonito v. Jake Hecht

John Cholish (156 lbs)

Mitch Clarke (154.5 lbs)

Mitch Clarke v. John Cholish

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