Guillaume ‘the Showman’ Lamarche Instinct MMA 2 pre-fight interview (French)

This Friday in Quebec, Guillaume Lamarche (7-5) goes to battle against Stephane Lamarche (7-10) at Instinct MMA 2. I recently spoke to the Team Bergeron 27 year-old about facing another Lamarche, moving up to Lightweight, the accusation that he’s got no chin, being back with Steph Patry, why he still fights, and why they call him the Showman.
(9:29, interview in French, press play to listen, or download here).

Fighting professionally since 2006, the 27 year-old Showman's record is 7-5. Photo: Eric Gaudreault/

Lamarche locks in a fight-ending triangle choke against Randy Steinke at Ringside 5 (2010). Photo: Eric Gaudreault/

Lamarche training at Tristar in Montreal recently with the UFC's Mark Bocek. Photo:Photo: Eric Gaudreault/

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