Ex-Ringside LW champ Guillaume Delorenzi on his potential return to action (French interview)

After Guillaume ‘Il Toro’ Delorenzi compiled a 9-1 record, including eight TKOs, his career was on the fast-track. However, since his June 2010 win over UFC vet Dale Hart at Ringside 7, he’s been out of action. I spoke with Ringside’s former Lightweight champ recently about what’s kept him out, if he’ll be back, why he needs to fight, whether he thinks the title is still his, and if a rematch with the War Machine interests him.
(11:39, interview in French, press play to listen, or download here)

In his second to last fight, Delorenzi beat Ryan Machan via TKO at Ringside 6 in April 2010. Photo: Deejay Sherman/Combatpix.com

Before being forced to sit out for over a year, Delorenzi was Ringside's Lightweight champion. Photo: Deejay Sherman/Combatpix.com

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