EFL 3: the Comeback (Amateur) fight card and event info

Date & Time: Saturday, November 5th, 7:00
Location: Le Rossignol, 30 Monté des 42, Ste-Julie
Tickets: details on poster below
Promoter: Eric Bertrand
Type: Amateur
Past Results: EFL 2, EFL 1

Fight Card (weight division in bold)
HW – Bob ‘the Train’ Landry (Pro Star MMA) v. Martin Trempe (Sparmax)*
145Mario Pereira (H2o MMA) v. Michael Dufort (Fight Club St-Jean)**
165 – Jason Fontaine (Pro Star MMA) v. Sylvian Tremblay (Kanreikai)
185 – Moustafa El Zanaty (Zahabi MMA) v. Tyler Best (Total Martial Arts)
HW – Manu Baillagon (Pro Star MMA) v. Bobby Sullivan (Charbs MMA & Boxing)
170 – Karim Hammad (Fitness Boxe) v. Kevin Lampron (Kanreikai)
– Azzam Jaber (Pro Star MMA ) v. Kevyn Thouin (Team Venom)
145 – Terry Lemaire (Total Martial Arts) v. Steve Rossignol (Team Extreme)
165 – Nabil Kader (Pro Star MMA) v. Dan Bechamp (100% Martial Arts)
– Woody Dubois (Fitness Boxe) v. Patrick Sauriol (Team R-Way)
170 – Felix Roberge (Pro Star MMA) v. TBA

* For the new EFL amateur Heavyweight title
* For the new EFL amateur Featherweight title

Last updated November 3rd.

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