Quebec City the battleground for Round 2 of province’s MMA showdown

Ringside MMA is striking back. After the new Instinct MMA promotion preempted Ringside 12‘s upcoming October 21st Montreal event with an October 7th show (tonight), the provincial capital will be spoiled this December.

A strongly rumoured Instinct card that month (December 2nd the date floating around) in Quebec City will now have to compete for fan interest and dollars with Ringside 13, which promoter Eric Champoux officially announced today on Facebook with the same location, for some time in December. While a specific date has yet to be announced, logic dictates it will again come after Instinct’s show. Update: Ringside 13 will likely take place December 9th according to Eric Champoux.

Quebec City was last visited in June for Ringside 11, a card headlined by UFC veteran Patrick Côté.

Round 1 of the promotional confrontation officially begins tonight, with Instinct’s first event in Boisbriand, headlined by a Steve BosséHouston Alexander match-up. It continues in two weeks with Ringside 12 at the Bell Centre, headlined by Paul ‘Semtex’ Daley‘s return to Montreal, following his post-fight cheap shot on Josh Koscheck at UFC 113.

Of note, though Steve Bossé’s manager Gary Chartrand is officially the Instinct promoter (due to a holdup in the license approval process), Stéphane Patry has been front and center in the promotion, organization, and advertisement of the card.

And make no mistake, all signs indicate there is no love lost between Patry and Champoux, former business partners at the time of Strikebox in early 2009.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more info and analysis on the developing promotional showdown…

Any bets on when we'll see Stéphane Patry (center) and Eric Champoux (tight) reconvene to recreate this picture? Photo by: Deejay Sherman (

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