Nordine Taleb UGC 28 post-fight interview

In the MMA main event at UGC 28, Nordine Taleb improved to 5-1 overwhelming Szymon Boniecki on way to a 1st round TKO. I spoke to the 30 year-old welterweight about his dominant win, training at Tristar, his 2008 loss to Guillaume Delorenzi, not getting booked for two years, and why he feels ready for the UFC.
(10:44, interview in French, press play below to listen, or download here)

After his win Saturday, Taleb, seen here at the weigh-in, is next scheduled to fight November 18th at Ring of Combat 38 in New Jersey.

Taleb (center), w/ trainers Denis Kang (right) and Olivier Reynaud (left), improved to 5-1 via TKO at UGC 28.

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4 Responses to Nordine Taleb UGC 28 post-fight interview

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  2. Eric OKeefe says:

    Nordine is ready for the BIG SHOW!

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