Victory MMA 3: Young Guns (Amateur) fight card and event info

Date & Time: Saturday, October 8th, 7:30
Location: Academie Sportive, 7290 Hutchison, Montreal
Tickets: details on poster below
Promoter: Jamie McGowan
Type: Amateur, 12 fights
Past Results: Victory MMA 2, Victory MMA 1

Fight Card (weight divisions in bold, records all amateur)
135 – Josh Harley (Kenora MMA, 3-1) v. Xavier Aloui (JKS, 5-0)*
155 – Francis Paquette (Ness Martial, 4-2) v. Patrick Sauriol (Team R-Way, 0-1)
165 – Sophie Leroux (Academie Sportive, 0-0) v. Jordine Felix (One on One, 0-0)
140 – Meroune Ghalmi (Thai Long Muay Thai, 1-1 ) v. Mathieu Sontag (Ness Martial, 1-1)
– Christopher Alfonzo (Academie Sportive, 2-0) v. Xavier Langley (Take the Risk, 0-0)
– Omar Karimi (Xtreme Couture, 0-0) v. Rueben Sagman (Toronto BJJ, 0-0)
135 – Kevin Legris (McGowan’s MMA, 1-1) v. Eric Turgeon (Sparmax, 0-3)
185 – John Wilson (Take the Risk MMA, 0-0) v. Justin Barnes (Big Country MMA, 0-0)
165 – Nabil Kader (Laval Fight Club, 0-1) v. Tyler Sands (Martial Arts Planet, 0-0)
150 – Joe Elliot (Big Country MMA, 0-0) v. Luke Gavin (Toronto BJJ, 0-1)
185 – Mike McKenna (Martial Arts Planet, 1-0) v. Donald Emerson (Toronto BJJ, 0-0)
200 – Chris Cleveland (McGowan’s MMA, 1-1) v. John Byrd (Big Counrty MMA, 0-0)

*For a new Victory MMA amateur bantamweight title.

Fights last updated October 8th.

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5 Responses to Victory MMA 3: Young Guns (Amateur) fight card and event info

  1. fightwear says:

    the event looks good. i went to the last one and was very happy with the fights.

    xav vs josh is a title fight correct? i heard that on both these kids have bright futures and it will be a good main event to top off the card.

  2. Julian Cymbalista-Clapp says:

    I know the co-main event fight is supposed to be a #1 contender’s fight for Alex Morgan’s 155 belt, but hadn’t heard anything about the main event being a title match.

  3. fightwear says:

    both guys in the main event have it on their facebooks that it is a title fight at 140 lb max.

    that is a very good fight with two contrasting styles. i have seen them both compete in the past. is the the same night as pat cotes fight?

  4. Julian Cymbalista-Clapp says:

    It’s the day after the Instinct MMA show. Victory is on Saturday, Instinct Friday.

  5. Hope says:

    appears to be a title fight. here is an update from facebook.

    UPDATE! Xavier Aloui, 5-0 from JKS will take on UFC fighter Jesse Bongfeldt protege Josh Harley, 3-1 for the new 135 lbs bantamweight title Oct 8 at VICTORY MMA 3 in a classic grappler vs striker war. tickets available at Academie Sportive $25-40 at 514-670-9935.

    the last 2 fights on this card are going to be great.

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