Summum Fight 6 quick results

Summum Fight returned with its sixth event Saturday night at Le Skratch bar in Repentigny, just off the North-Eastern tip of Montreal.

Nine amateur bouts, down from 11 after two fell through the day of the event, took place in front of approximately 400 fans.

The event was headlined by an excellent main event between defending Summum welterweight champion Kevin Lampron, and challenger Jonathan Roblin.

Here are the evening’s quick results.

Check back in the coming days for a full breakdown of the event, and a post-fight interview with main event winner Kevin ‘the Maniac’ Lampron.

Quick Results (weight divisions in bold, FC= Fight Club):
175Kevin Lampron (Kanreika FC) def. Jonathan Roblin (Team Barbarian) via unanimous judges’ decision. Lampron successfully defends his Summum welterweight title.

Jonathan Rios Desjardins (Kanreika FC) submits David Provost (O’Gym/Dojo Kenergie) via arm-bar at 1:54 of Round 1.

Miky Houle (Kanreikai FC) def. Moe Kazi (GAMMA) via unanimous judges’ decision.

Maxime Martens (Team Barbarian) submits Hugo Boisvert (Kanreikai FC) via arm-bar at 1:07 of Round 2.

Xavier Aloui (JKS) def. Junior Lantin (Kanreikai FC) via unanimous judges’ decision.

Jonathan De Smet (Team Barbarian) submits Jonathan Bibeau (Kanreikai FC) via rear-naked choke at 1:41 of Round 2.

Jason Fontaine (Academie Pro Star) submits Yannick Moreau (Team Barbarian) via guillotine choke at 1:13 of Round 2.

Peter Grajcar (MMAFA) def. Dave Yanakis Ladouceur (Kanreikai FC) via unanimous judges’ decision.

130Sam De Balke (Tapout Training Center) def. Matthew Calabro-Adams (Team Barbarian) via unanimous judges’ decision.

Cancelled Fights
Yannick Fleury (Team Barbarian) v. Mario Brière (Studio 62) – Injury (Brière)
– Yan Béliveau (Team Barbarian) v. Dan Bechamp (100% Martial Arts) – No Show (Bechamp)

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