Karim Ranni Gladiator MMA 2 post-fight interview

Returning for a third fight with rival Alex Morgan, Karim Ranni successfully defended his title Saturday at Gladiator MMA 2, awarded a unanimous decision win by the judges. I spoke to the 18 year-old amateur following the the fight about his performance, his preparation, why he thought he deserved the decision, and what’s next for him.
(6:41, interview in French, press play below to listen, or download here)

Note: Following the interview, the decision win was overturned and the fight rendered a draw. At the time of the interview, this info wasn’t yet available.

Originally awarded a close decision win over Alex Morgan, Karim Ranni's victory was taken away after the event, rendered a draw. He remains Gladiator lightweight champion.

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3 Responses to Karim Ranni Gladiator MMA 2 post-fight interview

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  3. fred says:

    cest bon karim good job

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