Alex Morgan Gladiator MMA 2 post-fight interview

Looking to conquer rival Karim Ranni and take his belt at Gladiator MMA 2, Alex Morgan instead suffered a unanimous decision loss, which was later changed to a draw. I spoke to the 20 year-old by phone a few days after and asked him why he felt he’d won the fight, his mind frame going into the hometown rematch, whether his ongoing rivalry with Ranni will spill over into the pro level, and issues with the amateur scoring system.
(16:21, interview in French, press play below to listen, or download here).

Alex Morgan (seen here pre-fight) sought to earn the Gladiator MMA lightweight title Saturday against Karim Ranni. After a close battle, Ranni was awarded the decision, only to have it overturned to a draw post-fight.

*Image courtesy of Jesse Bell/The People’s Champs.

After losing a second decision to Ranni before his home crowd, was visibly disappointed with the judges' decision.

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