Gladiator MMA 2 (Amateur) fight card and event info

Date: Saturday, September 10th
Location: Salle Tandem, 222 Poliquin, Sorel-Tracy
Time: 7:30
Tickets: details on poster below
Promoter: Pascal Chambodie
Type: Amateur, 11 fights
Past Results: Gladiator MMA 1

Fight Card (weight divisions in bold, records amateur, FC= Fight Club)
155Alex Morgan (10-2, Team Chambodie) v. Karim Ranni (8-3, Orion)*
145 – Alex Baez (2-2, Mcgowan’s MMA) v. Michael Parent (4-1, Shiokaido FC)
180 – Mathieu Langlais (3-0-1, Gladiateur FC) v. Olivier Moreau (2-1-1, Orion)
165 – Michael Cyr (3-3, Ultimaction) v. Jordan Turcotte (40+ bouts, Force Extrême)
150 – Yannick Mercier (1-0-1, Gladiateur FC) v. Junior Damas (3-3, Team Extreme)
170 – Johan Cuevas (0-1, Mcgowan’s MMA) v. Jonathan Lapointe (3-2, Team Extreme)
140 – Alex Côté (2-1, Gladiateur FC) v. Joe Quérillon (3-17, Force Extrême)
150 – Marc-Antoine Bélanger (0-1, Gladiateur FC) v. Samuel Rousseau (0-0, Force Extrême)
185 – Jason Finn (0-0, Gladiateur FC) v. Mathieu Cournoyer (0-1, Force Extrême)
135 – Kevin Legris (0-1, Mcgowan’s MMA) v. Maxime Lefevbre (0-3, Force Extrême)
170 – Nicolas Boivin (0-0, Gladiateur FC) v. David Cournoyer (0-3, Force Extrême)

* Fight is for Ranni’s Gladiator MMA lightweight belt. Fight is a trilogy/rubber match, with Ranni and Morgan splitting the first two encounters. Ranni won the belt at Gladiator MMA 1, details here.

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