Vladimir Starcencov Summum 5 post-fight interview

Colossal 250-pound heavyweight Vladimir Starcencov locked in an arm-bar for the main event win at Summum 5. I spoke to the 28 year-old Russian amateur after about his difficulty getting fights, why he left Tristar, Fedor, moving from Judo to MMA, why he may soon have to go pro, and why despite appearances he’s actually a nice guy.
(12:34, press play below to listen, or right-click to download here)

Note: For some questions, Starcencov answered in Russian. The English voice translating is that of his manager Boris Sherbatov.

Update: Shortly after this interview was done, news broke that Starcencov has signed with Ringside and will make his pro debut at Ringside 12 in October.

With his Summum 5 arm-bar finish, Starcencov (seen here before being announced as the winner) improved to 3-0 as an amateur. His first two wins were via KO.

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4 Responses to Vladimir Starcencov Summum 5 post-fight interview

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  2. Andy says:

    Its been a long time since I’ve seen a heavy weight with crazy submission skills. Solid chin and always looking to finish! Watch out heavy weights this guy is no joke!

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