Orion MMA 2 (Amateur) fight card and event info

Date: Saturday, August 27th
Location: Orion Sports Complex, 2391 Chambly, Longueuil
Time: 7:00
Tickets: See poster below for details
Promoter: Ian Harvey
Type: Amateur, 10 fights
Past Results: Orion MMA 1

Fight Card
Jeremy Capony (Orion) v. Jordan Turcotte (Sherbrooke)
Marco Cloutier (Sherbrooke) v. Olivier Moureaux (Orion)
Mathieu Fournier (Team Extreme) v. Pat Labonté (Orion)
Nicholas Boivin (Sorel) v. Jo Valée (Orion)
Julien Ravart (Orion) v. William Vasquez (Team Extreme)
Marc-Antoine Belanger (Sorel) v. Frederic Joseph (Orion)
Maxime Fortin (Orion) v. Jonathan Lapointe (Team Extreme)
Phillip Ferris Aubry (Orion) v. Mike Grenier (Speedy Gym)
Richard Lepage (Team Extreme) v. Michael Moissan (Orion)
Jacob Bavo (Orion) v. Jeremy Berner (Speedy Gym)

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