Updated fight card for Saturday’s Victor MMA 2: Quebec vs. Ontario amateur event

Date: Saturday, August 20th
Location: Academie Sportive, 7290 Hutchison, Mtl
Time: 7:30
Tickets: 25-40$, click on poster for details
Promoter: Jamie McGowan
Type: Amateur, 13 fights.
Previous Results: Victory MMA 1

Fight Card
(weight division in bold, records amateur)

Title Fights
Jean-Frederic Gauron (6-3, Sparmax) v. Derek Dexter (5-3, Cornwall MMA) **(For Victory MMA Featherweight Title)
155 Alex Morgan (9-2, Gladiator FC) v. Kyle Nelson (6-0, Muskoga MMA)
**(For Victory MMA Lightweight Title)
170 Jonathan Brun (2-0, McGowan’s MMA) v. O’Denva Phillips (2-0, Toronto BJJ)
**(For Victory MMA Welterweight Title)

Main Card
150Francis Paquette (3-2, Ness Martial) v. Luke Gavin (2-3, Toronto BJJ)
150Maxime Lavigne (2-2, Sparmax) v. Jesse Monette (1-0, JKS)
Daryl Hartley (2-2-1, Ronin MMA) v. Joey Hie (3-0, Elite Combat)
140Alex Baez (2-1, McGowan’s MMA) v. Xaxier Aloui (3-0, JKS)
165Charles Pimpare (1-0, Sparmax) v. Pema Dorji (0-0, Toronto BJJ)

180 – Olivier Althot (1-0, Sparmax) v. Chris Hewitt (0-0, Ronin MMA)
150 – Yannick Mercier
(1-0, Ness Martial) v. Jason Monsegu (Ness Martial)
160 – Stephen Oppong
(0-0, McGowan’s MMA) v. Nick Couture (0-0, Sparmax)
140 – Kevin Legris (0-0, McGowan’s) v. Dusty Middlebrook (0-0, Muskoga MMA)
Antoine Giasson (0-0, Sparmax) v. Jean-Francois Belanger (0-0, Gladiator)

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