Louie Sanoudakis Fightquest 18 post-fight interview

Zahabi MMA prospect Louie Sanoudakis got the better of 17 year-old Mic Dufort via decision in Fightquest 18‘s main event. I spoke to the 22 year-old amateur after about why the fight was his toughest yet, training with the UFC‘s Miguel Torres, and Firas Zahabi, his unwillingness to fight a teammate, and his long-term plans to go pro.
(4:02, press play below to listen, or right-click to download here).

Louie Sanoudakis improved to 7-0 as an amateur with a decision win over Mic Dufort in Fightquest 18's main event.

Sanoudakis (2nd from right), with coaches (left-right) Eric O'Keefe, Aiemann Zahabi, and Firas Zahabi, after his Fighquest 18 win.

Play-by-Play of the fight

140 Mic Dufort (Fight Club St-Jean) vs. Louie Sanoudakis (Zahabi MMA)
Sanoudakis wins by unanimous judges’ decision.

– In a closely contested bout, Sanoudakis got the judges’ nod by out-grappling Dufort throughout much of the three rounds.

In the 1st, Sanoudakis landed an early takedown, achieving half-guard before being swept by Dufort. Sanoudakis then attempted a triangle choke from the bottom, which Dufort escaped, before throwing a few punches. The round ended with Sanoudakis sweeping back to the top.

In the 2nd, Sanoudakis again took Dufort down after catching one of his legs during an early kick, eventually getting to full mount, then attempting a rear-naked choke after taking the back. Sanoudakis tried to lock it in for the rest of the round, to no avail.

Dufort came closest to finishing when he locked in a guillotine early in the 3rd round, though Sanoudakis was able to break out. When the action was later stood up, Sanoudakis again caught one of a pressing Dufort’s kicks and took him down. Dufort neutralized Sanoudakis’s offense with the rubber guard, but was unable to get off his back as the fight came to an end.

The decision improved Sanoudakis to 7-0 as an amateur. While the loss was Dufort’s (8-3) second straight, following five consecutive 1st-round submission wins.

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