Bantamweight prospect Louie Sanoudakis remains undefeated with decision win at Fightquest 18 amateur event

Two of Quebec’s best bantamweight (135 lbs) amateurs went to battle Saturday at Fightquest 18, with 22 year-old Louie Sanoudakis (7-0, amateur), a Zahabi MMA prospect, getting the better of 17 year-old Mic Dufort (8-3, amateur), via decision, with the fight taking place mostly on the ground.

The fight was bumped up to main event status when planned main-eventer Dominic Trepanier was forced out of the slot after suffering a minor car accident the morning of the event. His was only the latest fight to be scratched from the card. A rash of injuries and withdrawals left matchmaker Benoit Lelievre with only a handful of his 15 originally booked fights. Ultimately, nine took place.

Dominic Trepanier (file photo) was forced out of Fightquest 18's main event after suffering a minor car injury the morning of the event.

Hometown fighter Trepanier’s absence hurt the event, Fightquest’s second at Amusement 222, a bar in St-Constant, not only in terms of attendance (about 300 fans out 350 tickets sold showed up), down from about 650 in April at Fightquest 17, but also seemed to suck away much of the crowd’s energy, as compared to the last event. It was announced that unused FQ 18 tickets would be honoured at the organization’s next show, Fightquest 19, which is currently scheduled for October 15th.

Along with the amateur contestants, several professional fighters were on hand. Appearing with a brace on the injured left knee that forced him out of an August UFC on Versus 5 match-up with Paul Taylor (11-6-1), John ‘the Bull’ Makdessi (9-0) told the crowd he hopes to be back in time to fight at UFC 140 this December in Montreal.

Also present was former UFC title contender David ‘the Crow’ Loiseau (20-10), set to defend his middleweight Tachi Palace Fights title against Givanildo Santana (15-1) in two and a half weeks time in California. Because his contract with the organization only allows him an out if he signs with the UFC, Strikeforce, or Belaltor, Loiseau said he was unlikely to be seen fighting for Montreal’s Ringside MMA promotion in the near future.

Maxime Fecteau‘s coach/manager Dominic Morin also told me that his 2-2 bantamweight should be fighting Keven Tremblay (1-1) this October at Ringside 12 at the Bell Centre. Fecteau was last seen dropping a decision at UGC 27 in June, while Tremblay took a submission win at Ringside 11 in Quebec City.

Sanctioned by the ‘Federation Quebecoise de Boxe Mixte Amateur’ (FQBM), Saturday’s fights took place under amateur rules. On top of being in a ring, the three rounds are two minutes each, instead of five. Fighters wear 12 ounce gloves and shin pads. Elbow, knee, and heel strikes, hammer-fists, and submissions involving twisting (e.g. heel hooks), are all prohibited.

Listen to a post-fight interview with the main event winner Louie Sanoudakis here.

Full Fight Results (weight divisions in bold)

140 Mic Dufort (Fight Club St-Jean) vs. Louie Sanoudakis (Zahabi MMA)
Sanoudakis wins by unanimous judges’ decision.

Sanoudakis (2nd from right), with coaches (left-right) Eric O'Keefe, Aiemann Zahabi, and Firas Zahabi, gained a decision in FQ 18's main event.

– In a closely contested bout, Sanoudakis got the judges’ nod by out-grappling Dufort throughout much of the three rounds.

In the 1st, Sanoudakis landed an early takedown, achieving half-guard before being swept by Dufort. Sanoudakis then attempted a triangle choke from the bottom, which Dufort escaped, before throwing a few punches. The round ended with Sanoudakis sweeping back to the top.

In the 2nd, Sanoudakis again took Dufort down after catching one of his legs during an early kick, eventually getting to full mount, then attempting a rear-naked choke after taking the back. Sanoudakis tried to lock it in for the rest of the round, to no avail.

Dufort came closest to finishing when he locked in a guillotine early in the 3rd round, though Sanoudakis was able to break out. When the action was later stood up, Sanoudakis again caught one of a pressing Dufort’s kicks and took him down. Dufort neutralized Sanoudakis’s offense with the rubber guard, but was unable to get off his back as the fight came to an end.

The decision improved Sanoudakis to 7-0 as an amateur. While the loss was Dufort’s (8-3) second straight, following five consecutive 1st-round submission wins.

180Bruno-Pierre Dubois (Juvaldo) vs. Mohamed Moustaine (Zahabi MMA)
Moustaine wins by unanimous judges’ decision.
– Taking the fight on short notice as a replacement for Dominic Trepanier, Moustaine got the close decision by taking the first two rounds. Landing three takedowns in the 1st, Moustaine was unable to effectively follow up, almost getting caught in a Kimura as the round ended. Landing another takedown in the 2nd, Moustaine kept Dubois on his back for most of the round, throwing punches from guard, and escaping a triangle attempt. Dubois took the 3rd, landing two takedowns.

155 –  Simon Feuiltault (Zahabi MMA) vs. Miky Houle (Kanreikai FC)
Feuiltault wins by unanimous judges’ decision.
– Easily the evening’s most intensely paced fight, this exciting match-up was almost too close to call. In a wild 1st round, Houle seemed to have the advantage, landing a takedown, and holding his own in the stand-up department, where the fighters were attacking at a feverish pace. Feuiltault bounced back in the 2nd, getting full mount on Houle, and out-pressing him in the tie-ups. Feuiltault seemed to favour body shots in the stand-up, with Houle utilizing hooks. The decisive 3rd round began with Feuiltault getting a takedown, controlling Houle’s back before being stood up by the ref after a while. Landing another takedown, he was able to get full mount before the end of the round.

180Frank Audet (Gym Action) vs. Guillaume Gagnon-Arsenault (Zahabi MMA)
Gagnon-Arsenault wins by unanimous judges’ decision.
Gagnon-Arsenault took all three rounds, getting a takedown and achieving full mount in the 1st, a takedown to half-guard in the 2nd, and finally another takedown in the 3rd, achieving full mount, and unsuccessfully attempting an arm-triangle choke from the top. 

150Brian Sandaga (ARA Academy) vs. P. J. Ste-Marie (Loyalist MMA)
Ste-Marie wins by triangle choke submission at 1:25 of Round 1.
– Despite being out-struck in the 1st round, Ste-Marie got the triangle submission, catching Sandaga who was on top of him in half-guard, delivering ground-and-pound.

175Kevin Lampron (Kanreikai FC) vs. Rob Nickerson (Charbs Boxing & MMA)
Nickerson wins by unanimous judges’ decision.
Nickerson gained control of this one as the fight went on. In the 1st, after being taken down by Lampron, Nickerson fully extended an arm-bar, which Lampron took a while to escape from. Lampron then pounded down on Nickerson from his feet, before taking side-control. In the 2nd, Lampron again got a takedown, getting to half-guard before Nickerson swept to the top, himself getting to half-guard and dropping punches on Lampron, staying in control for much of the round. In the 3rd, Lampron was deducted a point when he hit Nickerson in the eye during an exchange on the ground. Nickerson got Lamprton down towards the end, taking full mount and again trying an arm-bar as the fight finished.

The loss is Lampron’s (2-3, amateur) second straight after a close decision at Orion MMA 1. He’s set to defend his Summum Welterweight belt at Summum 6 this September.

165Jesse Gregan (Zahabi New Brunswick) vs. Cade Joseph (Team D & N)
Joseph wins by verbal submission at 1:22 of Round 1. (Gregan injured his knee)
– This one ended early due to injury after a promising start. Both fighters stormed out of the gates with superman punches, then traded kicks, before Gregan landed a takedown. Joseph was able to power back to his feet though, at which point the fight went back to the ground. Gregan quickly signaled to the ref that he was injured, and was assisted in ring by a doctor for his left knee, putting an end to the bout.

140 Pierre Andonian (Zahabi MMA) vs. Tom Nickerson (Charbs Boxing & MMA)
Andonian wins by unanimous judges’ decision.
– Controlling most of the bout, Andonian got the decision, clearly taking the last two rounds. The opening round was a virtual tie, with little advantage for either fighter. In the 2nd, Andonian landed a superman punch-leg kick combo, then followed it up with a takedown. After Andonian defended a triangle attempt by Nickerson, the fight was stood up, at which point the fighters exchanged a long series of leg kicks and jabs, before Andonian ended with another takedown. In the 3rd, the fighters again exchanged on the feet, before Andonian landed a big takedown, which Nickerson quickly recovered from. The fighters then exchanged on the feet to finish. Striking looked crisp for both fighters, but Nickerson was unable to do enough to erase the takedowns he had landed on him.

165Jesse Lafontaine (Kanreikai FC) vs. Mike Williams (Kahnawake)
Lafontaine wins by guillotine choke submission at 1:17 of Round 1.
– Landing an early takedown, Lafontaine was later able to lock in a guillotine on Williams and force the tap, earning an early finish in the evening’s opening bout.

By schools, here’s how the win-loss records for the night came out:
Zahabi MMA (incl. Zahabi New Brunswick) (5-1)
Loyalist MMA
Team D & N
Charbs Boxing & MMA
Kanreikai FC
ARA Academy (0-1)
Fight Club St-Jean (0-1)
Gym Action

Quick results are available here.

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