J-F Gauron pulls off 3rd round triangle for main event win at Victory MMA’s first amateur event.

Victory MMA’s inaugural amateur event went down Saturday at the Academie Sportive in Montreal’s Park Extension neighbourhood. Jamie McGowan, last seen promoting Battle at GAMMA amateur events, organized the ten fight card, featuring a mix of Quebec and Ontario talent.

With exercise equipment pushed to the side, over 200 fans packed the third floor gym’s hot, humid, and cozy confines for the action.

In the main event, Sparmax’s Jean-Frédéric Gauron snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, pulling off a 3rd round triangle choke after being outstruck and taken down by Muay Thai specialist Abdou Yousri in the fight’s opening rounds.

Sanctioned by the ‘Federation Quebecoise de Boxe Mixte Amateur’ (FQBM), the lion’s share of the evening’s fights were refereed by Loïc Pascal Magnier, taking place under amateur rules. On top of being in a ring, the three rounds are two minutes each, instead of five. Fighters wear 12 ounce gloves and shin pads. Elbow, knee, and heel strikes, hammer-fists, and submissions involving twisting (e.g. heel hooks) are prohibited.

In place of the typical man-in-a-suit, fans were treated to an attractive female as their in-ring announcer. With no microphone or PA system at her disposal, Kristina Simonova relied on the momentarily hushed crowd’s good will throughout the night to introduce fighters, adding a unique note to the proceedings.

Victory MMA’s next event is likely to take place in late August, according to Jamie McGowan.

Check back later for post-fight interviews with main-event winner Jean-Frédéric Gauron, and Victory MMA promoter Jamie McGowan.

Full Fight Results (weight divisions in bold, scroll to the bottom for quick results):

Main Event
145 – Jean-Frédéric Gauron (Sparmax) vs. Abdou Yousri (McGowan’s MMA)
Gauron wins by triangle choke submission at 0:38 of Round 3.

Gauron (right) finished Abdou Yousri (left) with a triangle in the 3rd round to win the evening's main event.

Yousri was mostly in control for the first two rounds, taking Gauron down twice in the 1st, and utilizing his Muay Thai background to gain a noticeable advantage on the feet. With the crowd chanting his name in the 3rd, Yousri over-committed while defending a Gauron takedown attempt and fell forward with his head and left arm ending up between Gauron’s legs. Gauron capitalized and set up the triangle choke for the finish. Yousri had looked reluctant to engage on the ground throughout, seeming far more comfortable with his stand-up. The win improves the 18 year-old Gauron’s record to 6-3 as an amateur. He’s also the current 155 lbs. Bergeron Fight League (BFL, in Drummondville) title-holder. (A video of the fight can be seen at the bottom of the page).

Co-Main Event

180Jonathan Brun (McGowan’s MMA) vs. Kevyn Thouin (Team Venom)
Brun wins by unanimous judge’s decision.

Jonathan Brun (center), celebrating with his McGowan's MMA team after the win.

– Controlling Thouin on the ground for much of the fight, Brun took the decision. Taking Thouin down in all three rounds, Brun locked in a reverse triangle as time ran out in the 1st, couldn’t make it past half-guard in the 2nd, and got side-control in the 3rd, before ending up on his back after Thouin broke out of a guillotine attempt.

Maxime Lavigne (Sparmax) vs. Francis Paquette (Ness Martial)
Paquette wins by rear-naked choke submission at 1:33 of Round 3.
– Marginally outstriking Lavigne in the 1st, Paquette won the round with a last second takedown. In a close 2nd round, Lavigne reversed the tide by more often connecting with his stand-up. After landing his third takedown during the last round, Paquette was able to get Lavigne’s back and lock in the rear-naked for an exciting finish.

175Philippe Delice (Wolfpack MMA) vs. Joey Hie (ECI MMA)
Hie wins by TKO (doctor’s stoppage) at 0:16 of Round 2.
– After a very close opening round where the fighters spent most of their time tied up (a very brief Delice takedown punctuated the action), the fight came to an end in the 2nd. Again tied up early in the round, Delice suddenly indicated to the ref that something was wrong. A short strike of some sort (couldn’t see from where I was) by Hie appeared to have reopened an old cut over Delice’s left eye. A medical technician was called in to inspect, and the fight was stopped.

175Jean-Francois Lépine (Sparmax) vs. Joshua Vincze (Gracie Humaita)
Lepine wins by rear-naked choke submission at 1:22 of Round 2.
– In a fight short on stand-up, Lépine took the 1st round, getting full mount and back control on Vincze, who’d at first taken him down and gotten side-control. In the 2nd, Lépine got a takedown, and after punching Vincze from his feet, took his back and locked in the rear-naked choke to finish, much to the crowd’s delight.

205Chris Cleveland (McGowan’s MMA) vs. Sébastien Généreux (Venom)
Cleveland wins by unanimous judge’s decision.
– After losing the 1st round to Généreux, who took him to the ground and held them there for most of the two minutes, Cleveland stayed on top in the 2nd, reversing an early Généreux takedown, and maintaining side-control for most of the round. With both of the hefty fighters looking gassed by the 3rd, striking was sloppy. Généreux pulled Cleveland down with a guillotine, but he soon escaped, staying in Généreux’s guard for most of the round, landing a small number of punches.

185Olivier Althot (Sparmax) vs. Mathieu Desrosiers (A-Prime Fight Team)
Althot wins by guillotine submission at 1:37 of Round 3.
– After a solid two rounds to start the fight, Althot managed to lock in a guillotine in the 3rd, taking Desrosiers to the ground, and getting the tap. The opening rounds saw both fighters failing to connect with a large number of their punches, and Althot mostly controlling Desoriers on the ground, though the latter managed to sweep in the 2nd and achieve full mount.

145 Izatis Croteau (McGowan’s MMA) vs. Derek MacDonald (ECI MMA)
wins by rear-naked choke submission at 1:30 of Round 2.
– After losing the 1st round to Croteau courtesy of a takedown followed by punches from full mount, MacDonald bounced back to finish in the 2nd after again being taken down by Croteau. Escaping a later guillotine attempt, MacDonald ended up in full mount, before taking advantage of a turning Croteau to cinch in the rear-naked and finish.

160Simon Grimard (Venom) vs. Charles Pimpare (Sparmax)
Pimpare wins by arm-bar (referee stoppage) at 1:14 of Round 1.
– This one was over quickly, much to the chagrin of Grimard and his corner. Pimpare was the aggressor from the start, landing a takedown and achieving full mount, before rotating for an arm-bar. With the hold fully extended, but Grimard’s face showing no grimace, the referee stepped in to stop the fight. Despite the lack of a tap, amateur regulations, aimed at avoiding serious injury, force referees to do so.

Exhib – Kevin Legris
(Académie Sportive) vs. Samuel Watson (McGowan’s MMA)
– With a 16 pound weight difference between Legris (136 lbs) and Watson (152 lbs), this one was an exhibition. The three rounds played out almost identically, with Legris starting by outstriking Watson, Watson taking Legris down and spending some time on top, then Legris eventually sweeping and holding top position until the end of the round.

By schools, here’s how the win-loss records for the night came out:
Sparmax (4-1)
Ness Martial Arts
McGowan’s MMA
A-Prime Fight Team
Gracie Humaita
Wolfpack MMA
Team Venom

Quick Results (weight divisions in bold, records are amateur):

145 Jean-Frédéric Gauron (Sparmax, 6-3) defeated Abdou Yousri (McGowan’s MMA, 1-3) by triangle choke submission at 0:38 of Round 3.

180Jonathan Brun (McGowan’s MMA, 2-0) defeated Kevyn Thouin (Team Venom, 1-2) by unanimous judge’s decision.

155Francis Paquette (Ness Martial, 2-2) defeated Maxime Lavigne (Sparmax, 2-2) by rear-naked choke submission at 1:33 of Round 3.

175Joey Hie (ECI MMA, 2-0) defeated Philippe Delice (Wolfpack MMA, 0-3) wins by TKO (doctor’s stoppage) at 0:16 of Round 2.

175Jean-Francois Lépine (Sparmax, 1-1) defeated Joshua Vincze (Gracie Humaita, 0-1) by rear-naked choke submission at 1:22 of Round 2.

205Chris Cleveland (McGowan’s MMA, 1-1) defeated Sébastien Généreux (Venom, 0-2) wins by unanimous judge’s decision.

185Olivier Althot (Sparmax, 1-0) defeated Mathieu Desrosiers (A-Prime Fight Team, 0-1) by guillotine submission at 1:37 of Round 3.

145 Derek MacDonald (ECI MMA, 1-0) defeated Izatis Croteau (McGowan’s MMA, 1-2) by rear-naked choke submission at 1:30 of Round 2.

160Charles Pimpare (Sparmax, 1-0) defeated Simon Grimard (Venom, 0-2) by arm-bar (referee stoppage) at 1:14 of Round 1.

Video of the Main Event Fight

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