Maxime Fecteau Rising Star 3 post-fight interview

After suffering a TKO loss to Stephane Pelletier at Rising Star 1, Maxime Fecteau (2-1) returned at Rising Star 3, calmly submitting Dave Depathie (0-3) via arm-bar at 3:04 of Round 1. I caught up with Fecteau by phone the day after, where he told me about his confidence going into the fight, using his game-plan to set up the finish, how he keeps his head up following losses, where he got his nickname, and what’s next for him.
(11:23, interview in French, press play below to listen, or download here)

When you’re done, listen to my pre-fight interview w/ Fecteau here.

Maxime 'The Machine' Fecteau stoically improved to 2-1 at Rising Star 3, winning by 1st round arm-bar submission. Photo by: Deejay Sherman

Half-way through the 1st round, Fecteau (top) had achieved full mount, using ground-and-pound to set up the finish. Photo by: Deejay Sherman

Fecteau (left) set up the arm-bar, hammer-fisting Depathie's face to loosen his left arm. Depathie attempted to push off the cage and escape but was enable to, leading to his tapping out. Photo by: Deejay Sherman

Only with the fight over did 'the Machine' (right) show emotion. Photo by: Deejay Sherman

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