Todd Stoute Rising Star 3 post-fight interview

Ontario’s Todd Stoute (2-0) out-landed Guillaume Vigneau (1-1) at Rising Star 3, coming away with a TKO 41 seconds into Round 2. I spoke to the confident 27 year-old after the fight about why he had the advantage in stand-up, getting the finish, fighting in Montreal, making 205 lbs for the fight, and what’s next for him.
(4:22, press play below to listen, or download here)

Todd Stoute won by 2nd round TKO Saturday, improving to 2-0. Photo by: Deejay Sherman

Stoute (top) first got Vigneau to the ground in the 1st round after catching one of his kicks. Photo by: Deejay Sherman

In the 2nd round, Stoute used his fists to knock down Vigneau, then swarmed in and got the TKO stoppage. Photo by: Deejay Sherman

27 year-old light-heavyweight Todd 'the Black Hulk' Stoute fights out of Toronto, Ontario. Photo by: Deejay Sherman

Stoute (center) with team-mate Seiji Sugiman-Marangos (right) and Ruff House leader/coach Matt MacDonald (left). Photo by: Deejay Sherman

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8 Responses to Todd Stoute Rising Star 3 post-fight interview

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  5. harry says:

    this guy is a piece of fucking shit.

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  7. 66789abcd says:

    agreed fuckin rapist bitch

  8. Linda says:

    why is his record 3-0 should it be 4-0

    Todd Stoute, 22, and another male were at a downtown Toronto nightclub on Sat., June 26, 2004. Stoute approached a sex pro in the area of Carlton and Jarvis sts. Price and terms were negosiated. Pro did not know that the second male was hiding in the back seat. Stoute drove to a nearby alley, where they had sex. Once they had finished, she realized her purse was missing. Then he hit her twice on the head with a bottle, causing her to bleed heavily. She was pulled to the back of the truck, and her head covered with a blanket. Stoute drove while his accomplice, Kevon McPhee raped her. They drove to Scarborough where the two men left her in a dumpster, taking her purse and cell phone. Todd Stoute has been convicted of assault causing bodily harm and sexual assault. His accomplice Kevon McPhee is awaiting trial.

    seems like he choked out that poor girl too

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