Houle delivers punch-heavy decision at Kanreikai Extreme Fighting 3

Notre-Dame-des-Prairies, Qc – Fighting before his hometown crowd Saturday night, Miky ‘the Wolf’ Houle stepped up to the occasion, delivering a solid main-event decision victory in Kanreikai Extreme Fighting (KEF) 3‘s most impressive performance. 

Nestled at the back of a winding parking lot about an hour north of Montreal, the Jolodium banquet hall played host to KEF 3. While next door over a hundred seniors gathered for Saturday night Bingo, and other locals took the chance to vote in advanced election polls, inside, about 200 fans gathered for the evening’s seven amateur MMA fights.

Greeted in-ring by the familiar, impassioned voice of announcer Eric Emard, the crowd predictably favoured hometown fighters from nearby Joliette throughout the night. Fightquest president Stephane Vigneault served as the evening’s referee.

KEF 3 was organized by the near-by Kanreikai Joliette team, led by Sensei Dominic Morin. Fighters from the gym featured in all seven fights, four of them making their amateur debuts. After dropping the evening’s first two fights, the Kanreikai team stormed back, winning the evening’s final five.

Originally expected to be on the card, Kanreikai’s Jason Courchesne, Ricardo Moreau, and Kevin Lampron were relegated to supporting their teammates after opponents pulled out in the weeks leading into the show.

Post-fight interviews with main event winner Miky Houle and and Kanreikai Joliette leader Dominic Morin are available. Check back later next week for Rising Star 3 pre-fight interviews with Kanreikai’s Jason Courchesne and Maxime Fecteau.

Here are the full results (weight divisions in bold):

150 Miky ‘the Wolf’ Houle (Kanreikai MMA) v. Keone Sananikone (Pro Star MMA & Iastkevitch Submission)
Miky Houle wins by unanimous judges’ decision. I scored it 30-27 Houle.

Miky 'Wolf' Houle (left) utilized agressive stand-up to win by unanimous decision over Keone Sananikone (right) in KEF 3's main event.

– In the evening’s most exciting fight, Miky Houle, headlining in only his 5th amateur outing, consistently looked more aggressive and effective on his feet than Sananikone. In a close 1st round, Houle had a slight edge in punches landed, usually throwing them in combos. In the 2nd, with the crowd chanting his name, Houle continued to unleash his hands on Sananikone’s face, mostly utilizing his right. Sananikone barely missed a head kick, and offered up a few rights of his own. Despite falling behind in punches landed, he managed to open up a small cut below Houle’s left eye. In the final round, Houle again out-punched his opponent, repeatedly landing clean shots to his head, and surviving two brief take-downs that he instantly got out from. Showing excellent head movement throughout, often ducking before unleashing, Houle finished strong with more punches. With the decision, Houle wins his second straight and improves to 3-2 as an an amateur.

175 Jonathan Rios Desjardins (Kanreikai MMA) v. Micheal Bullock (Push MMA, Ontario)
Jonathan Rios Desjardins wins by unanimous judges’ decision. (I scored it 29-28 Desjardins.)
– After losing the 1st round, where Bullock landed a takedown and later locked in an unsuccessful triangle choke, Desjardins began turning the tide in the 2nd. Getting a takedown and later ending up atop of Bullock in full mount, Desjardins still couldn’t take full control, getting temporarily grounded after Bullock caught a kick and punched him, and later managed to briefly sweep into the top position when Desjardins had full mount. In the 3rd, Desjardins again got the edge, blocking a Bullock takedown attempt, utilizing leg kicks, and eventually landing a takedown of his own. Despite moving into full mount, Bullock prevented any real damage. After being TKOed three weeks ago at Fightquest 17, Desjardins rebounds and is now 2-3 as an amateur.

160 Hugo Boisvert (Kanreikai MMA ) v. Jeremie Lefebvre (Centre d’arts martiaux Répentigny)
Hugo Boisvert wins by TKO (ground and pound) at 1:10 of Round 2.
– Looking pumped from the start, Boisvert was able to finish in the 2nd round, forcing Lefebvre to the ground, moving from side to full mount, then raining down punches. With Lefebvre covering up and showing little movement, referee Stephane Vigneault stepped in to stop the bout, handing Boisvert the win in his amateur debut.

215Danny Langlois (Kanreikai MMA) v. John Minifie (Push MMA, Ontario)
Danny Langlois wins by unanimous judges’ decision.
– In the evening’s biggest slobber-knocker, two hefty fighters delivered exciting punch-heavy performances, with Langlois outlasting and out-landing Minifie. The 1st round saw Minifie favouring body kicks, with Langlois sticking to head punches. After landing a few of his own, Minifie was staggered at the end by a clean shot from Langlois. In the 2nd, Minifie began landing with both hands, as Langlois countered by utilizing uppercuts and head punches. Likely sealing the fight in the judges’ eyes, Langlois took control in the 3rd, following up leg kicks with punches, then delivering a continuous barrage of punches into an exhausted Minifie’s head. As the fight ended, Langlois landed one last huge right, and gained the judge’s decision in his amateur debut.

Maxime Garneau (Kanreikai MMA) v. Mathieu Lapointe Ricard (Centre d’arts martiaux Répentigny)
Maxime Garneau wins by unanimous judges’ decision. (I scored it 30-27 Garneau.)
– After losing his amateur debut, Garneau looked solid in his second fight, controlling Ricard on the ground for most of the bout. Despite landing a 1st round takedown, Garneau’s arms were held by Ricard, neutralizing any damage. Attempting a standing guillotine in the 2nd, Ricard instead ended up on his back, with Garneau eventually moving to full-mount, but again landing few punches. In the 3rd, Garneau took Ricard down, this time with a single-leg, got full mount but once more had his arms held. Ricard managed to sweep to the top towards the end, but he too was held down and unable to deliver any offense. Garneau evens his amateur record to 1-1, but fails to get a finish.

140 Alex Lachapelle (Kanreikai MMA) v. Jonathan Bibeau (Valleyfield)
Jonathan Bibeau wins by unanimous judges’ decision. (I scored it 30-27 Bibeau.)
– Making his amateur debut, Lachapelle was unable to handle Bibeau’s ground control. In the 1st round, Bibeau landed two takedowns by diving under punches, but didn’t deliver much offense as Lachapelle held him down. In the 2nd, Bibeau again landed a takedown, this time achieving full mount, and later locking in a rear-naked choke that Lachapelle eventually escaped. In the final round, after Lachapelle slipped throwing a kick, Bibeau capitalized and took his back to deliver punches. Lachapelle swept into Bibeau’s guard at the very end, but it was too little too late.

145Simon Latour (Kanreikai MMA) v. Maxime Mariani (Extreme Submission)
Maxime Mariani wins by bulldog choke submission at 1:30 of Round 2.
– After a back-and-forth 1st round, the evening’s opening bout between fighters early in their amateur career ended in the 2nd. Following a pause to clean up Latour’s bloody nose, Mariani landed a takedown and began punching. Though Latour managed to get up, Mariani again took him down. With Latour on his knees, Mariani squeezed his bicep and forearm around his head, forcing the tap with a bulldog choke (looks like a headlock).

The event’s fights used amateur boxe mixte rules, and took place under the governance of the Federation Quebecoise de Boxe Mixte Amateur. The main differences from professional MMA are that bouts use a ring, not a cage, knee and elbow attacks are illegal, fighters wear shin-pads and 12 ounce gloves, and rounds last two minutes instead of five.

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16 Responses to Houle delivers punch-heavy decision at Kanreikai Extreme Fighting 3

  1. Mo says:

    Sounds like the most interesting fight of the night was based on a biased decision. Hence the unanimous decision. If I can see well from the picture you posted, Miky Wolfe is wearing his cut under the eye very well for someone who didn’t receive many punches to the face! And if his stand-up was so effective, how is it that he was taken down twice?
    Why don’t you post up some videos and let us be the judge of that because your blog for that particular fight sounds like a whole lot of crap!

    • Julian Cymbalista-Clapp says:

      Well, if you read my summary, you’ll see that I didn’t say Sananikone didn’t land any punches, only that he landed fewer than Houle. Further, later in the summary you’ll also see that I did mention both takedowns in the 3rd, but also mentioned that Houle escaped both almost instantly, with no damage delivered. I also mentioned the cut, it’s not only in the picture.

      I’m not familiar with your name, so I’m not sure what your agenda is. If you stand by what you have to say, why did you attach neither your name, nor any contact info?

      I reported the fight as I saw it. I knew neither of the fighters going in, and had/have no preference for who won. It’s only amateur on top of that, so I’d be hard pressed to believe the judges rigged their decision. Of course if you have any evidence, please pass it along…

      The only video of the fight I’ve seen is on facebook, and it confirms my take on the fight. If you find a shareable youtube link, I’ll gladly embed it into the article.

  2. Unanimous says:

    Dear Mo,

    Miky Houle dominated that entire fight flat out, hands down, without question! A cut under an eye in a picture does not determine who won a fight nor do a couple takedowns that lasted all of 3 seconds on the ground.

    Biased opinion? Come on, this is just poor sportsmanship here that does nothing for the progress of Amateur Mixed Boxing

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  5. Mo says:

    Julien: You don’t need to know me and I take back my last sentence about your blog being a load of crap. But I do ask you to post an unbiased factual report of the fight. That goes for any good journalism. But it would be nice if you could post the fight stats and if you don’t mind posting the link to the video of the fight you claim to have as well. I understand that you’re reporting from YOUR P.O.V. and this is your blog. All I’m asking is the evidence to back up your claim for those who haven’t seen the actual fight. I won’t contest a clear win like a submission or a T.K.O. But from my observation; for someone who landed clean punches (Miky) sure didn’t inflict as much damage to Sananikone. From what I saw, Sananikone landed more “surgically” cleaner shots then Houle in my opinion, hence the couple of cuts under Miky’s eye.
    Calling your blogs a shit load of crap is not in my agenda! I can careless about what you think from here on. I just want an unbiased opinion.

    Unanimous: It’s clear to see that you’re with camp Houle. “Unsportmanship”? I’m not calling Miky WOLF, his coaches or his fight club unfair or cheaters. All I’m asking is for evidence? Show me the score cards. What is mixed boxing anyways? Male vs. Female MMA match? Unless that’s the name you give it in order to have boxing judges for an MMA fight? If you want to call it anything besides MMA, then it should be called Pankration (if you don’t know what that is, then you’re in the wrong business) and it should be score accordingly. If your boy Miky WOLF “dominated hands down without question” as you claim, I only ask to see the fight stats. I was also informed that take-downs didn’t even score any points on the sheets! Oh wait! This is not an MMA match; it’s a mixed boxing match (What ever that is).
    Being aggressive shouldn’t give anyone the automatic “Win”. And throwing lots of punches or swings doesn’t score a point each time either. I can clearly see that Miky was more aggressive but if you claim that it’s boxing, then it shouldn’t even be scored based on aggressiveness. That’s why I would like to see exactly what the judges are going by to score the fight!

  6. Julian Cymbalista-Clapp says:

    To answer your further concerns:
    1. As far as what I saw Saturday night, I did post an unbiased factual report of the fight.

    2. Striking statistics are not tabulated at the amateur level. Not even in the professionals do judges have access to Compustrike or Fightmetric scores to help them. Judges’ scores also aren’t always announced. It’s why I usually add how I scored the fight, in case readers are curious. I clearly mark it as how I scored it, not what the judges scored. I have in the past disagreed with what the judges found.

    3. Whether or not Houle was able to cut Sananikone, he out-struck him, and was usually the aggressor. Sananikone did land, but less than Houle. I don’t think a cut has ever been used as evidence of who landed more.

    4. If you don’t like my reporting, you’re free to start your own coverage of amateur mixed martial arts. I stand by the quality and accuracy of my work. I go to these fights with a notebook and a camera, I don’t video record the fights. My impression of the fight is based on what I saw as the fight went on, not my bit-by-bit analysis of a video replay.

    5. You say the decision (which was the judges’, not mine) was biased, what is your evidence? What stake did the judges have in who won?

    6. If you want the score cards, you have to ask the judges, I don’t have access to them.

    7. Boxe Mixte is the official name of amateur mixed martial arts in Quebec. It represents the alteration in rules we see from amateur MMA compared to pro. The ring instead of the cage, the banning of knee and elbow strikes, the rounds lasting 2 minutes instead of five, and the ban on certain other techniques.

    8. Again, the two takedowns that were landed in the third were escaped from within seconds. Neither time did Sananikone establish any position on Houle, demonstrate ground control, attempt a submission, or deliver any ground-and-pound. I’d think this is why they did not score big on the judges’ score cards. Houle did drag Sananikone down in the 2nd round and 3rd, but I didn’t mention it simply because it for the most part went nowhere. I offer summary, not play-by-play.

    9. No punches are not king, but they were the main form of offense in that fight, so I’m sure they played a big role in the judging. The first round was close, but Houle pulled away in the next two as I saw it Saturday.

    10. I’m not a judge, but I don’t see where Sananikone had an edge Saturday night.

    11. If the scoring system at the amateur level is unclear, then that is cause for concern. I assumed the scoring system was at least partially explained before the event during the rules meeting. If not, assuming you are on Sananikone’s team (perhaps you’re not), its something you should ask to have clarified, it would seem to be fully within your right.

    Barring that, I assume it is similar to the criteria used to judge professional MMA.
    -Clean Strikes
    -Effective Grappling
    -Octagon Control
    -Effective Aggressiveness

    That is what I use to score fights.

    12. If I wasn’t clear in my first post, the only video of the fight I saw was on facebook, which I unfortunately cannot embed onto this site. If you log into facebook, this link may work though: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1681278512194&subj=572363879 The lighting’s not great, but maybe it’ll help.

    13. But most importantly, why the anger? This is still amateur, and while fighters win or lose, the main idea is for them to learn and improve.

  7. Mo says:

    Julien: In the end, we both don’t have factual evidence in our hands and what I saw is all the proof I needed.

    As far as landing hits, sure Miky threw more, sure he was the aggressor most of the time, but that doesn’t mean he landed more thus scoring more like you mentioned. Unless they were counting the hits landed on gloves as well.
    A good example of what I’m trying to project is Lyoto Machida or Anderson Silva. They don’t need to be the bigger aggressor in order to land clean effective hits to score points.

    And to clarify; Never at any point did I ever wrote that Miky or his organization sucked or cheated. Heck, Miky seems like a good kid! I’d love to have a friendly spar with him given the chance or even fight him in the ring or cage. I got nothing against him. If you read this Miky; I congratulate you for the win!

    As far as the take-down score. I will say it again; I was informed by an official that it didn’t even count. Now that is what I want to question? If you allow take-downs why not count it? That’s a big chunk of missing score right there! And why call it “mix boxing” in the first place? Why have boxing judge for an MMA tournament?
    Can someone prove this information wrong?
    So with that said; Sananikone took Miky down each time contradicting to what you posted. Thus, making his “stand-up” game a bit weak.
    As for ground control, whether they lasted no more then 3sec, or whether Sananikone had a good position, that’s a different story.

    I will although agree that both fought an awesome match, no doubt about it. Ring control was questionable. It seemed pretty even to me. Just different styles, that’s all!

    Amateur fight or not; they should have the right judges for the right event. And I don’t believe they were!
    So, this will be my last post and surely the most action this site has gotten so far I bet.

    Angry? I just didn’t agree with you! Who said I was angry? Sure, the last sentence of the first post could hint that. But I just disagreed with your report, that’s all!

    F.Y.I. I’m located in Southern California and I am part of a MMA school/team here as well. I’ve attended tons of matches and competitions between teams (like renown Gracie Barra or Lightning MMA and many others) here in SoCal. So I believe I’m well versed and/or qualified at determining fights versus others who are not even in the “ground and pound” business!

  8. Julian Cymbalista-Clapp says:

    What can I say, we’ll have to agree to disagree on that fight.
    From what I saw, Houle did out-land Sananikone.

    As for the takedowns scoring, I consider them when I come up with my scores, but really don’t know what they count for with the judges. It’s been my understanding that they count for much less when a fighter escapes right away, but I don’t know exactly what the judges’ criteria is.

    As I said, Boxte Mixte is just a legal thing. Part of an agreement with the province’s government to not shut down the sport. Couldn’t call it amateur MMA officially, even though I do in the articles.

    I don’t think the judges are boxing judges, but again that’s something you’d have to check. I’ve never gotten that indication. Concerns with judging in the sport are certainly not limited to the amateur world of course, so I can’t say I’m terribly surprised if you’re unsatisfied.

    Sananikone got dragged down by Miky twice too during the fight, but again I doubt it counted for much.

    This is not the most popular, but certainly the most comments I’ve ever had in reaction to an amateur event.

    But yes, agree to disagree on that fight.

  9. Kevin Tremblay says:

    It was a cool night and the last fight was really tight in points, I am from Joliette and it was nice to see there are good fighters in here.

    There some things that I didn’t agree on, like The fight of Michael Bullock, I really tought he won the fight 29-28.

    Also, the tko victory from ground n’ pound was stopped a way too quickly, and don’t think the fight would have ended that way If it wasn’t from the sketchy call.

    Final, I have to say the guy who won the first fight was really hilarious, he really heat up the crowd, even If I don’t think he made lots of friends in enemy territory! I would have like an interview from him just to see.

  10. Kevin Tremblay says:

    And is there any videos of each fight, from the last to the first?? Or pictures??

  11. Julian Cymbalista-Clapp says:

    Hi Kevin, unfortunately i just take notes during the fights, not many pictures. My camera isnt good enough to capture motion clearly

    • Kevin Tremblay says:

      I saw a lot of cameras and video cameras that night, but there is still nothing online?!? So is there footage on other site or something??

      • Julian Cymbalista-Clapp says:

        I think the video recording was a guy from the school, then they sell the event on DVD later. Haven’t seen any of the photos pop up yet on the net.

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