Kanreikai Extreme Fighting 3 Amateur MMA quick results

Miky 'Wolf' Houle (left) won by unanimous decision over Keone Sananikone (right) in KEF 3's main event.

Notre-Dame-des-Prairies, Qc Kanreikai Extreme Fighting 3 went down Saturday night at the Jolodium, about an hour from Montreal. Seven amateur MMA fights took place in front of approximately 200 fans, all featuring fighters from the Kanreikai Fight Club of Joliette, who played host for the event.

Here are the quick results.

Check back Sunday for full coverage of the bouts, and post-fight interviews with main event winner Miky ‘Wolf’ Houle, and Sensei Dominic Morin, leader of the Kanreika Joliette team. Next week I’ll have Rising Star 3 pre-fight interviews with Maxime ‘Machine’ Fecteau, and Jason Courchesne.

Quick Results (Weight divisions in bold)
Main Event
150 Miky ‘the Wolf’ Houle (Kanreikai MMA) v. Keone Sananikone (Pro Star MMA & Iastkevitch Submission)
Miky Houle wins by unanimous judges’ decision.

175 Jonathan Rios Desjardins (Kanreikai MMA) v. Micheal Bullock (Push MMA, Ontario)
Jonathan Rios Desjardins wins by unanimous judges’ decision.

160 Hugo Boisvert (Kanreikai MMA ) v. Jeremie Lefebvre (Centre d’arts martiaux Répentigny)
Hugo Boisvert wins by TKO (ground and pound) at 1:10 of Round 2.

Danny Langlois (Kanreikai MMA) v. John Minifie (Push MMA, Ontario)
Danny Langlois wins by unanimous judges’ decision.

Maxime Garneau (Kanreikai MMA) v. Mathieu Ricard (Centre d’arts martiaux Répentigny)
Maxime Garneau wins by unanimous judges’ decision.

140 Alex Lachapelle (Kanreikai MMA) v. Jonathan Bibeau (Valleyfield)
Jonathan Bibeau wins by unanimous judges’ decision.

145 – Simon Latour (Kanreikai MMA) v. Maxime Mariani (Extreme Submission)
Maxime Mariani wins by Bulldog choke submission at 1:30 of Round 2.

Full results Sunday afternoon.

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