Mario Pereira Gladiator MMA post-fight interview

Saturday at Gladiator MMA, Mario Pereira (4-0, amateur) secured a 1st-round arm-bar in 52 seconds (see play-by-play below). I spoke with the 21 year-old after about getting the quick win, his feelings on injuring his opponent, how his 8-year amateur wrestling career helps him dictate in MMA, making the jump into a new sport, why his mouth piece always ends up over his ear after his fights, and more.
(7:46, press play below to listen, or download here)

Ringside 10 contestant Rejean Groulx (right) was on hand, helping corner Mario.

Play-by-Play of the fight
150Guillaume Frechette (Team Venom) v. Mario Pereira (Gladiator FC Sorel)
Mario Pereira wins by arm-bar submission at 0:52 of Round 1.
The lights were lowered for Pereira’s entrance, harkening back to the gym’s dance hall roots. Pereira made quick work of Frechette, first landing a takedown Frechette quickly escaped. As the fighters then spun to the ground while tied up, Pereira ended up on his back, quickly twisting Frechette around and locking in an arm-bar. Frechette eventually tapped after Pereira fully extended the hold, though his arm appeared to be injured after the fight, and he was attended to by on-hand ambulance technicians. Pereira pulls off his 2nd straight arm-bar, improving to 4-0. Frechette falls to 1-3.

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