Trepanier triumphs before home crowd at Fightquest 17 (full results)

Fightquest 17 went down Saturday night at Amusement 222 in St-Constant in front of 650 fans, many there to see hometown favourite Dominic Trepanier win by 2nd round TKO in the amateur MMA promotion’s main event.

Saturday’s headliner was a rematch of Trepanier’s TKO win over Challice last December at Fightquest 15, a fight  stopped by the referee after the 2nd round due to Challice being unable to see clearly out of his left eye.

Despite fighting a cold, announcer Eric Emard was in fine form, whipping the crowd into a frenzy for the main event.

Out of eight  fights, only a single went to a judges’ decision, with three TKOs, a KO, and three submissions (all rear-naked chokes). A ninth bout was axed after a fighter pulled out on short notice. Results are below.

Fightquest president Stephane Vigneault seemed very pleased how the event unrolled at the new location, though he confirmed in a post-fight interview that Fightquest 18 will move back to Le Skratch in Laval, on July 9. He however left open the possibility of coming back to St-Constant for future events.

Former UFC middleweight title challenger David Loiseau was on-hand, declaring during an in-ring interview that he intends in the future to fight in Quebec for his fans again. He’s also been offered a chance to defend his Tachi Palace Fights Middleweight belt this August in California.

Check out the post-fight interviews with winners Dominic Trepanier, Aiemann Zahabi, Jason Courchesne, Jeremy McNamara, and Fightquest president Stephane Vigneault.

Vigneault’s picks for fights of the night:
Fight of the Night: Trevor Leroux vs. Brandon Stalk (Leroux won by decision)
KO of the Night: Jeremy Mcnamara (14 second KO of Patrick Lafleur)
Submission of the Night: None. 3 rear-naked choke finishes, though all very similar.

Here are the results (weight divisions in bold):

170James Challice (Push MMA) vs. Dominic Trepanier (Zahabi Rive Sud)
Dominic Trepanier wins by TKO at 1:59 of Round 2 (via ground and pound)

Dominic Trepanier (top) out-powered James Challice on way to a TKO victory. Photo by: Deejay Sherman

– Entering to thunderous applause, Trepanier landed a take-down early in the opening round, but was unable to do much damage as Challice held him from the bottom for much of the two minutes. In the 2nd, Trepanier again landed a take-down followed by top-control, which eventually led to a strange moment where Trepanier released Challice, thinking Challice had verbally called it quits. (Edit: speaking to Challice’s coach Mike Cortese after the fight, I was informed that Challice was telling Trepanier he wanted to take the fight to their feet, as much of the fight had been on the ground. Trepanier told me in the post-fight interview he didn’t understand the English/what Challice was saying, which likely explains why he thought Challice wanted to end the fight). The ref stood the fighters up and the fight continued, at which point Trepanier again got full mount, and landed a few punches before the fight was stopped with a second left in the round. From where I was, the stoppage seemed premature given that Challice still seemed active and only three or four punches had been thrown. Speaking to the referee Yannick Loof and Trepanier after, I was given the impression Challice verbally expressed an unwillingness to continue the fight, though I was unable to confirm this with Challice. Trepanier improves to 3-0 as an amateur, Challice drops to 2-3.

140Derek Charbonneau (Charbs Boxing/MMA) vs. Aiemann Zahabi (Zahabi MMA)
Aiemann Zahabi wins by rear-naked choke submission at 1:43 of Round 3

Aiemann Zahabi (left) is coached and trained by his older brother Firas, known for his work with Georges St-Pierre. Photo by: Deejay Sherman

– Zahabi utilized a variety of kicks to Charbonneau’s head, torso, and legs to to take the 1st round. Though Charbonneau, making his amateur MMA debut after over 25 amateur boxing fights, occasionally landed a punch, Zahabi usually out-struck him on the counter. Zahabi unleashed a Muay Thai flurry of kicks in the 2nd round, which Charbonneau survived, eventually succumbing to a Zahabi take-down. In the 3rd, Zahabi focused almost entirely on kicking Charbonneau’s legs, before landing a take-down, getting full-mount, and locking in the RNC after Charbonneau turned to avoid punches. Zahabi displayed excellent head movement through-out. Zahabi improves to 3-0 in amateur MMA. Charbonneau drops his first bout.

140Derek Dexter (Cornwall MMA) vs. Louie Sanoudakis (Zahabi MMA)
Louie Sanoudakis wins by rear-naked choke submission at 1:41 of Round 3
– Sanoudakis dominated the first two rounds via take-downs and ground control followed by strikes from the top. In the 3rd, he was able to get Dexter’s back after sprawling him, eventually getting the rear-naked after softening Dexter with head punches. Sanoudakis improves to 6-0 as an amateur. Dexter goes to 4-3.

175Jason Courchesne (Kanreikai) vs. Rob Nickerson (Brojo MMA)
Jason Courchesne wins by rear-naked choke at 1:19 of Round 2

Jason Courchesne makes his pro debut in May at Rising Star 3. Photo by: Deejay Sherman

– Courchesne utilized his wrestling, getting Nickerson onto the ground in the 1st round, where he moved from guard to standing, attacking Nickerson with punches from his feet, before attempting a leg-lock as the round ended. In the 2nd, Courchesne landed a takedown, controlled Nickerson, and locked in a rear-naked choke from the bottom after taking his back. Courchesne improves to 10-2 as an amateur, in what looks to be his penultimate amateur bout. Expected to make his pro debut at Rising Star 3 in May.

160Patrick Lafleur (Zahabi MMA) vs. Jeremy McNamara (Orion MMA)
Jeremy McNamara wins by KO at 0:14 of round 1 (KO of the Night)

– This one was over in a flash. McNamara landed a straight right in the first ten seconds that knocked Lafleur into the ropes, clearly stunned. Mcnamara stormed in with a second punch to the head that prompted the referee to stop the fight. Mcnamara improves to 10-5 as an amateur.

150Trevor Leroux (Cornwall MMA) vs. Brandon Stalk (Zahabi MMA)
Trevor Leroux wins by unanimous judge’s decision (Fight of the Night)

Trevor Leroux won the Fight of the Night. Photo by: Deejay Sherman

-Leroux landed a takedown in the first, followed by punches to Stalk’s ribs. Stalk managed to turn, starting an exchange of top control that ended with Leroux on top as the round ended. In the 2nd, Stalk landed a huge takedown, getting side-control, losing it to Leroux, before ending up back on top. Leroux attempted an arm-bar to finish the round, but Stalk held on, his arm not fully locked in. In the 3rd, Leroux sprawled Stalk, getting his side and throwing punches before Stalk spun out into Leroux’s guard. Stalk responded to another Leroux arm-bar attempt with a miniature Rampage slam (about a foot off the ground) as the fight ended. Close fight, with Leroux probably winning the 1st and 3rd, and Stalk the 2nd.

180Guillaume Gagnon-Arsenault (Zahabi MMA) vs. Jonathan Rios Desjardins (Kanreikai)
Guillaume Gagnon-Arsenault wins by TKO at 0:53 of round 2
– Gagnon won the 1st with a takedown followed by top control for the entire round including punches and an arm-bar attempt in the final seconds. In the 2nd, Gagnon landed another takedown, got Desjardin’s back, flattened him out, and rained down blows to his head until the ref put an end to the fight.

200Patrick Labelle (Zahabi MMA) vs. Ike Chiplick (Push MMA)
Patrick Labelle wins by TKO at 0:54 of round 2
– Labelle won the 1st round with a takedown and an advantage in stand-up striking. In the 2nd, Labelle again landed a takedown, then transitioned from Chiplick’s side, to full mount, before unleashing ground-and-pound to finish the fight.

By schools, here’s how it came out:
Zahabi MMA (incl. Zahabi Rive Sud) (5-2)
Orion MMA (1-0)
Cornwall MMA (1-1)
Kanreikai FC Joliette (1-1)
Brojo MMA: (0-1)
Charbs Box/MMA (0-1)
Push MMA (0-2)

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