Rising Star 2 weigh-in results & photos

Rising Star 2‘s weigh-ins took place Friday afternoon at the Hotel Espresso in downtown Montreal.  Sixteen fighters were scheduled to hit the scales, but only 13 did.

Rising Star 2 takes place at the Metropolis tomorrow night.  Rising Star cards are made up of fighters, mostly from Quebec, with four or less professional fights.  The event is headlined by a bout between Victoriaville’s Yohan Gariépy (2-2) and Ontario’s Steve Simms (1-0).  (For more info on the fights, check my posts herehere, and here.)

Imperato is 2-0. He steps in on short notice to fight Pierre Melon at 160 lbs, 25 lbs higher than his last fight.

Team Legion’s Keven Pellerin was unable to gain medical clearance in time to fight Saturday, leaving promoter Eric Champoux and matchmaker Joey Benoit looking for a last-minute replacement. Update: Michael Imperato of Tapstar/Xtreme Couture Toronto, seen recently at UGC 26 pulling off a quick rear-naked choke, has stepped in and will fight Pierre Mellon at a catch-weight of 160 lbs.

Two fighters from Drummondville’s Team Bergeron arrived late (Jeff Breau and Erik Dumaine), forcing them to detour to Montreal’s Courthouse to be weighed at the Régie’s offices.  Both fighters made weight.

Before the weights were taken, rules were then laid out by the Régie, similar to what fans are used to seeing in the UFC.  Notable exceptions include the banning of foot stomps, and only being allowed one corner man in the cage between rounds.

Grabbing the cage, throws onto the head, kick or knees to an opponent’s head when more than his feet are on the ground, and 12-6 vertical elbow strikes are all illegal.  Inspectors must be present when a fighter is having his hands wrapped.  They are permitted 40 yards of gauze, and 15 feet of tape, per hand.

The octagon that will be used for the fights is 24 feet wide, smaller than the UFC’s.

Weigh-in Results (weight divisions in bold, underlined names lead to interviews)

155 – Yohan Gariépy (155.4 lbs) vs. Steve Simms (156 lbs) (Main Event)
135 – Michael Pellerin (135.6 lbs) vs. Stéphane Pelletier (135.6 lbs) (Co-Main Event)
155 – Samuel Charbonneau (155.4 lbs) vs. David Lafond (155 lbs)
145Tommy Côté (145.2 lbs) vs. Mustafa Khalil (144.4 lbs)
145 – Erik Dumaine (144.6 lbs)* vs. Sajid Rizvi (145.4 lbs)
135 – Gregory Carpenter (135.6 lbs) vs. Maxime Dubois (134.8 lbs)
Heavyweight – Steve Bégin (211.4 lbs) vs. Jeff Breau (248 lbs)*
160 – Pierre Mellon (155.6 lbs) vs. Keven Pellerin ()+ Michael Imperato

*Arrived late, weight were taken at the courthouse.
+ Pellerin did not receive medical clearance to fight, Michael Imperato steps in on short notice to replace him.

Weigh-in Photo Gallery

Yohan Gariépy, 155.4 lbs, 2-2

Steve Simms, 156 lbs, 1-0

Steve Simms vs. Yohan Gariépy

Michael Pellerin, 135.6 lbs, 1-2

Stéphane Pelletier, 135.6 lbs, 3-1

Michael Pellerin vs. Stéphane Pelletier

Samuel Charbonneau, 155.4 lbs, 1-0

David Lafond, 155 lbs, 0-1

David Lafond vs. Samuel Charbonneau

Tommy Côté, 145.2 lbs, 2-0

Mustafa Khalil, 144.4 lbs, 2-1

Tommy Côté vs. Mustafa Khalil

Sajid Rizvi, 145.4 lbs, 0-0

Erik Dumaine, 145.6 lbs, 2-1. (Dumaine arrived late so no stare down photo was possible).

Gregory Carpenter, 135.6 lbs, 0-2

Maxime Dubois, 134.8 lbs, 1-0

Maxime Dubois vs. Gregory Carpenter

Steve Bégin, 211.4 lbs, 0-0

Jeff Breau, 248 lbs, 1-0. (Breau arrived late so no stare down photo was possible).

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