Quick results and play-by-play for Dynamite Fight Night 1

Dynamite Fight Night 1 went down Saturday night at Le Skratch in Laval, in front of a relatively sparse crowd of about 200 fans. The boxing portion of the card was hampered by fighters pulling out on short notice, cutting the total number of bouts for the night down from 11 to nine – five MMA, and four boxing, all of them at the amateur level.

Dynamite Fight Night was a collaboration between Fightquest‘s promoters and Tri Pro KO, both based out of Tristar Gym. It appears the co-promotion did not meet expectations. A Fightquest official I spoke with after the event said he was “doubtful” that more Dynamite Fight Nights would take place.  Amateur MMA cards at Le Skratch have in the past pulled in significantly higher numbers, with around 900 fans showing up for Fightquest 15.  Saturday’s card took place the same night as UFC 128 and boxer Lucian Bute‘s title defense at the Bell Centre, which likely didn’t help attendance.

Judge’s scores weren’t given for decisions, so I’ve added how I scored the rounds for the MMA bouts.  Unfortunately my understanding of boxing is such that I can’t provide anything more than results, though I will say that all four matches featured solid, exciting action, as did the MMA fights.  Here are the evening’s results:

MMA Results (weight division in bold)

180-185Kevin Dellow (Zahabi MMA) vs. Jean-Philippe Gagné (Spartan)
Jean-Philippe Gagné wins by unanimous decision.

Jean-Philippe Gagné improved his amateur record to 3-0 in the evening's main event. Photo by: Jean-Philippe Marquis

– Surprised by the decision, as was much of the crowd, who’d given Dellow the biggest pop of the night as the bout was set to begin. Dellow appeared to win the 1st round with a late take-down followed by ground-and-pound from half-guard position. The 2nd round was very close, with each fighter spending time in top control, Gagné after capitalizing on Dellow slipping, and Dellow after gaining a take-down that eventually saw Gagné regain top control and get a few shots in. The 3rd round saw Dellow gaining Gagné’s back after landing a take-down, and sinking in a rear-naked choke along with a body triangle. Gagné refused to tap, eventually escaping the choke, but failing to get Dellow off his back. I scored the fight 30-28 Dellow, but the decision was announced in favour of Gagné.

155-160Zak Ben Brahim (Juvaldo) vs. Max Henry (Team D&N)
Zak Ben Brahim wins by arm-triangle choke at 1:50 of Round 2.

Zak Ben Brahim notched his 2nd win Saturday, and is now 2-1 in amateur. Photo by: Jean-Philippe Marquis

– Both fighters landed a take-down in the 1st round, with Brahim making more of his ground-and-pound opportunities.  Brahim landed a take-down in the later stages of Round 2, transitioning from side control to full mount before sinking in the arm triangle choke for the submission victory.

Bruno-Pierre Dubois (Juvaldo) vs. Rob Nickerson (Brojo MMA)
Rob Nickerson wins by unanimous decision (I had it 30-27 for Nickerson).
– Nickerson won all 3 rounds – the 1st with a take-down followed by strong ground-and-pound, the 2nd with two take-downs and a few punches from the top, and the 3rd with a solid triangle/arm-bar combination that Dubois eventually escaped.

155-160Maxime Gagné (Spartan) vs. Jesse Gregan (Zahabi MMA)
Maxime Gagné wins by unanimous decision (I had it 30-29 for Gagné).
– Gagné had the slightly superior showing. He won the 1st round with a take-down, followed by a crucifix from the top combined with punches to Gregan’s head.  The next two rounds were very close.  In the 2nd, after landing several head punches to start the round, Gagné recovered from a Gregan take-down and transitioned into side-control. In the 3rd, Gregan first gained side-control, before Gagné pushed him off and took side-control to lock in a crucifix position from which he failed to inflict much damage.

170-175Duncan Henry (Team D&N) vs. Jordan Turcotte (Force Extreme)
Duncan Henry wins by rear-naked choke at 1:24 of Round 1.
After both fighters ended up on the ground, Henry gained full mount and began raining down punches on Turcotte, who eventually turned over as Henry continued to punch him.  Henry then sunk in the choke for the win.

Boxing Results (weight division in bold)
165Louis Heberg (Final Round Ottawa) vs. Junior Lee (Tristar gym)
Louis Heberg wins by unanimous decision

Taylor Page (blue) outworked Terrance Andrews (red) on way to a decision victory. Photo by: Jean-Philippe Marquis

156Terrence Andrew (Tristar gym) vs. Taylor Page (Final Round Ottawa)
Taylor Page wins by unanimous decision

147Whitney Balle (Phoenix Gym) vs. Henry Lopez (Final Round Ottawa)
Fight was a demonstration fight due to a large gap in fight experience, so no result was announced.

175 Pat Gill (Tristar Gym) vs. Patrick Carrier (El Macho St-Jerome)
Pat Gill wins by referee stoppage in the 2nd Round.
– Gill dropped Carrier with a left punch to the body followed by a right to the head.

Georges Makdessi and Vladimir Starcencov‘s opponents withdrew from their bouts, so both fighters had to sit the night out.

Looking forward, Fightquest 17 takes place two weeks from now on April 2nd, in St-Constant. The main event a rematch between Dominic Trépanier and James Chalice, and the co-main event will see Aiemann Zahabi take on Derek Charbonneau. The full fight card should soon be available.

Tri Pro KO’s Jeremy Rubin also informed me his promotion is planning an amateur boxing card for this May.

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