Alex Morgan scores 17 second sub at Summum 3 amateur event

Summum 3 went down Saturday night before a crowd of about 300 at Le Skratch in Brossard.  Ten amateur MMA fights took place.  Scores weren’t announced in judges’ decisions, so I’ve put what I scored while watching if people are curious.  Some play-by-play is also included.

Check back in the next few days for post-fight interviews with main event winner Alex Morgan, winners Michael Dufort, and Jeff Blake, VP of operations David Byrne, Ringside LHW champ Steve Bossé and Summum President Joey Benoit.

Here are the results from the evening’s fights:

155Eric Davidson (Fight Club St-Jean) vs. Alex Morgan (Team Chambodie)
Alex Morgan wins by guillotine submission at 0:17 of Round 1
– The main event was over very quickly, Morgan landed a head kick right off the bat, and grabbed Davidson’s neck after he went down.  Huge pop for Morgan, a lot of his fans in the crowd.

170Michael Cyr (Ultimaction) vs. Zander McComber (Razow Wear MMA)
Zander McComber wins by unanimous judge’s decision (I had it 29-28 for McComber).
– McComber mostly looked to utilize his stand-up attack.  Cyr often countered by going for take downs.  Cyr landed a couple, but McComber worked well to sprawl his way out.

150Simon Taing (Bravado Longueuil) vs. Carl Tremblay (Ultimate BOSS)
Carl Tremblay wins by TKO at 1:08 of Round 2.
–  Tremblay had control of the fight most of the way through, landing a take-down in the 1st round, and gaining a TKO in the 2nd by taking Taing’s back and raining down punches to the head.

135Michael Dufort (Fight Club St-Jean) vs. Jonathan Kumps (Team Légion)
Michael Dufort wins by rear-naked choke at 1:27 of Round 1.
Dufort impresses again.  Dufort landed a take-down off the bat, then laid in some ground & pound, before getting Kumps’s back and soon locking in the RNC.  Dufort’s fourth 1st round submission in the last couple of months. 

175Jeff Blake (Razor Wear MMA) vs. Francis Turgeon (Terrebonne MMA)
Jeff Blake wins by TKO at 0:18 of Round 1.
– Blake landed a head kick off the bat, then out punched Turgeon for the quick finish.

155Adam Leroux (Cornwall MMA) vs. Keven St-Laurent (Ultimate BOSS)
Adam Leroux wins by unanimous decision. (I had it 30-28 for Leroux)
– Leroux was able to finish more take-downs, and also did better in the stand-up.

Frederick Bonneau (Fight Club St-Jean) vs Mario Pereira (Team Chambodie)
Mario Pereira wins by arm-bar submission at 1:41 of Round 3.
– Pereira used wrestling to control most of this fight, landing a take-down per round, using them as a way to counter striking by Bonneau.  In the 3rd round, after the take-down, he landed some punches from the top, moved to side control, and locked in the arm-bar.

Kevin Lampron (Kanreikai Joliette) vs Mohamed Sylla (Razor Wear MMA)
Mohamed Sylla wins by unanimous decision (I had it 29-28 Sylla).
Sylla got the better of the rounds 1 and 2 with striking, before Lampron got a take-down in the 3rd, and landed some punches from top control.  Not enough to finish though, so Sylla won off the first two rounds.

140Shawn Lalonde (Cornwall MMA) vs Pascal Mantha (Tapout Training Center)
Pascal Mantha wins by referee stoppage/TKO at 1:36 of Round 1.
– After trading punches for a bit, Lalonde landed a take-down by catching a Mantha kick. Lalonde got into top control, but Mantha was able to flip out, grab an arm and lock in an arm-bar. The ending was a bit confusing. Lalonde’s arms were tied up so he couldn’t tap, but he appeared to motion his submission via shaking his leg.  The ref put a stop to the fight and it was announced as a TKO.

175Mathew Dupra (Terrebonne MMA) vs Ricardo Moreau (Kanreikai Joliette)
Matt Dupra wins by unanimous decision. (I had it 30-28 Dupra)
– A close fight, Dupra got the better of the take-downs, and ground control (top and side), though he was unable to cause much damage from the positions.

If you’re counting by fight schools, Razor Wear MMA had the evening’s best record:
Razor Wear MMA (3-0)
Team Chambodie (2-0)
Tapout Training Center (1-0)
Cornwall MMA (1-1)
Terrebonne MMA (1-1)
Ultimate BOSS (1-1)
Fight Club St-Jean (1-2)
Team Legion (0-1)
Bravado Longeuil (0-1)
Ultimaction (0-1)
Kanreikai Joliette (0-2)

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