Boxing and MMA mix to produce Dynamite Fight Night 1 (updated w/ MMA & Box card)

Though normally at war with each other promotionally, boxing and MMA will come together for an evening of amateur fights Saturday, March 19th.  Dynamite Fight Night‘s first event takes place at Le Skratch in Laval, and features twelve bouts – five MMA, and seven boxing.  Dynamite is a collaboration between Fightquest‘s promoters, and Tristar Boxing (Tri Pro KO), both based out Montreal’s Tristar Gym.

Kevin Dellow gearing up for his Fightquest 16 match with Jordan Turcotte.

The evening’s MMA main event will pit Zahabi MMA‘s Kevin Dellow against Jean-Philippe Gagné of Jonquière’s Team Spartan.  Dellow (1-0, amateur) took just over a minute to sink in a rear-naked choke victory in his amateur debut at Fightquest 16.  Gagné (2-0, amateur), recently pulled off a 3rd Round ankle-lock submission at Ultimaction 1.

Zak Ben Brahim (Juvaldo, 1-1, amateur) also returns from Fightquest 16, where he gained a decision victory over Ivan Rojic of Zahabi MMA.  He’ll go up against Max Henry (1-3, amateur) of Team D & N, based out of the 6 Nations Reserve in Hagersville, Ontario.

As a late substitute, Zahabi MMA’s Vladimir Starcencov has stepped in to fill a void left in the boxing card.  Starcencov’s background is in Judo, where he holds a black belt.  He was most recently seen making his amateur MMA debut at Fightquest 16, where he delivered a KO finish ten seconds into his fight.

Though previously expected to fight on the card, Ian Perron (Zahabi) was forced to pull out by an injury sustained in training.

MMA Fight card (catch-weight divisions in bold)
180-185Kevin Dellow (Zahabi MMA) vs. Jean-Philippe Gagné (Spartan) (main event)
165-170 – Bruno-Pierre Dubois (Juvaldo) vs. Rob Nickerson (Brojo MMA)
155-160 – Zak Ben Brahim (Juvaldo) vs. Max Henry (Team D&N)
170-175 – Duncan Henry (Team D&N) vs. Jordan Turcotte (Force Extreme)
155-160 – Maxime Gagné (Spartan) vs. Jesse Gregan (Zahabi MMA)

The MMA fights will take place under Fightquest’s amateur rules.  On top of taking place in a ring, the three rounds are 2 minutes each, instead of five.  Fighters wear 12 ounce gloves and shin pads.  Elbow and knee strikes are prohibited.

Boxing Fight Card (weight division in bold)
165 – Louis Hebert (Final Round Ottawa) vs. Junior Lee (Tristar gym)
156 – Terrence Andrew (Tristar gym) vs. Taylor Page (Final Round Ottawa)
147 – Whitney Balle (Phoenix Gym) vs. Sam Beya (Final Round Ottawa)
200 – Georges Makdessi (Phoenix Gym) vs. TBA (Grant boxing)
175 – Pat Gill (Tristar Gym) vs. Patrick Carrier (El Macho St-Jerome)
156 – Emmanuel Elmaleh (Tristar gym) vs. Yannick Perreault (Club de Boxe de l’Est)
– Vladimir Starcencov vs. Reginald Francique (Phoenix Gym)

Vs Jean Bernard(Longueuil)bold
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2 Responses to Boxing and MMA mix to produce Dynamite Fight Night 1 (updated w/ MMA & Box card)

  1. Rob Nickerson says:

    The weight class for :
    135-150 – Howard Gutman (Zahabi MMA) vs. Tom Nickerson (Brojo MMA)
    Is that right or just a typo ?

    • Julian Cymbalista-Clapp says:

      Does seem odd. I’ve contacted the matchmaker to see if it’s a typo. Thanks for pointing that out.

      You were right, it’s actually 135-140. I’ve adjusted the article.

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