Tim Skidmore Post-Fight Interview – UGC 26

After he suffered his tenth straight loss Saturday against Ali Nestor in UGC 26‘s main event, I spoke with a frank Tim Skidmore about taking the fight on two weeks notice, how his 12-hour drive from Nova Scotia hindered his making weight, his thoughts on the fight scene in Eastern Canada, and how his love of martial arts keeps him going at 39 with a 3-18 record.  
hit play below to listen, or download here)

Skidmore's forehead injury left him bandanged after the fight. He was set to visit the hospital for stitches after the interview.

Skidmore's forehead was left bloodied with a large gash after his opponent Ali Nestor landed a flying elbow to finish the fight.

Skidmore caught a Nestor kick in the first round, allowing him to complete a take-down.

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