UGC 26 – Rage weigh-in results & photos (w/ updated fight card)

Montreal – UGC 26 goes down tonight at the Metropolis.  The card’s main event will be a rematch between Ali Nestor (6-5 MMA), a Canadian boxing champion competing in MMA for the first time since 2008, and Tim ‘Mad Dog’ Skidmore (3-17), who’s suffered nine consecutive first round losses.  Nestor scored a first-round TKO against Skidmore in their original encounter at UGC 19 three years ago.

In a welterweight bout, Ontario’s Cory Macdonald (11-2), will face-off against Chris Vorano (3-7), who’ll be looking to snap a six fight loosing streak dating back to June 2009.  The fight will be Macdonald’s eighth under the UGC banner.

The card features three other MMA fights, and two boxing bouts.

The weigh-in for UGC 26 took place Thursday at the Ness Martial Arts Academy, located in the Saint-Michel district of Montreal.  Two fighters didn’t make weight, and will be fined 20% of their purse. The evening’s MMA matches will take place in a ring, under the Unified Rules of MMA (minus foot stomps).

Weigh-in results (weight division/catch-weight in bold, hyperlinked names link to pre/post fight interviews)

Ali Nestor (170.8 lbs) vs. Tim Skidmore (180.5 lbs)*
135 – Jonathan Bélair (134.2 lbs) vs. Michael Imperato (136 lbs)
170 – Cory Macdonald (169.2 lbs) vs. Chris Vorano (169.8 lbs)
205 – Ricardeau Francois (211.6 lbs)* vs. Misha Cirkunov (205.6 lbs)
160 – Matthew Spisak (159 lbs) vs. Benoit Guionnet (158.5 lbs)
*Missed weight

– Arash Usmanee (134.5 lbs) vs. Isaac Bejarano (134.5 lbs)
145 – Roody Pierre Paul (141.5 lbs) vs Mathias Tchikaya (141 lbs)

MMA Weigh-in Image Gallery (w/ fighter records)

Ali Nestor, 170.8 lbs, 6-5 (MMA)

Tim Skidmore, 180.5 lbs, 3-17 (MMA)

Ali Nestor vs. Tim Skidmore

Jonathan Bélair, 134.2 lbs, 1-0 (MMA)

Michael Imperato, 136 lbs, 1-0 (MMA)

Michael Imperato vs. Jonathan Bélair

Cory Macdonald, 169.2 lbs, 11-2 (MMA)

Chris Vorano, 169.8 lbs, 3-7 (MMA)

Chris Vorano vs. Cory Macdonald

Ricardeau Francois, 211.6 lbs, 14-9 (1 NC) (MMA)

Misha Cirkunov, 205.6 lbs, 2-1 (MMA)

Ricardeau Francois vs. Misha Cirkunov

Matthew Spisak, 159 lbs, 1-2 (MMA)

Benoit Guionnet, 158.5 lbs, 1-3 (MMA)

Matthew Spisak vs. Benoit Guionnet

Boxing Weigh-in Image Gallery

Arash Usmanee, 134.5 lbs, 10-0-0 (Boxing)

Isaac Bejarano, 134.5 lbs, 9-9-1 (Boxing)

Isaac Bejarano vs. Arash Usmanee

Roody Pierre-Paul, 141.5 lbs, 1-0-0 (Boxing)

Mathias Tchikaya, 141 lbs, 0-4-2 (Boxing)

Roody Pierre-Paul vs. Mathias Tchikaya

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