Chris Deschatelets Responds to Firas Zahabi’s Fightquest 16 Interview

A week ago, I interviewed Firas Zahabi following Fightquest 16.  He spoke about his fighter Neil Sheppard‘s loss to Mick Dufort via guillotine.

He stated “unfortunately one of my fighters (Sheppard) broke his collar bone during an exchange and had to stop the fight.” He later added: “He broke his collar bone, he had to tap out, he had to stop.”

When I asked him what he thought had caused the injury, he answered: “I’m not sure, I think it’s when he took him down, and I think he jumped the guillotine, and it kind of accelerated the take down and slammed.  That was the only impact I saw… I think it was during the double leg and the rolling and the guillotine… like when they hit the ground.”

I received the following email (excerpted below) from Mick Dufort’s coach Chris Deschatelets last Thursday in which he challenged Zahabi’s version of the events.

“I just listened to your interview and I do not know if you saw the fight or not , but there was a lot a not real statements by Firas…..

First thing , he did not stop the fight….Neil tapped out ! Nobody knew that he got injured until after the fight.  Second , no disrespect to Neil but he was out classed from the start, there was no double leg takedown as Firas says, Mic got the choke and pulled guard to finish it, the only takedown was a sit down single by Mic, Neil got caught 3 times in a guillotine and tapped out in 1:32.

It really pisses me off that Firas is downplaying and straight out lying to save face , he is trying to take away from a 17 year old (two weeks ago) rising athlete, this kid has 2 years training mma, nothing else and he beat a 25 year old man who started when he was 9 and has 4 years with Firas ….This kid is a real machine with 2 stunning RNC victories of 23 sec and 40 sec ….this kid deserves notice and if Firas had any respect, he would have congratulated Mic on a good fight. we took that fight on 2 week’s notice on top of that.”

Re-listening to the interview a week later, I’m not sure which fighter Zahabi is referring to when he says “I think it’s when he took him down,” and “I think it was during the double leg and the rolling and the guillotine.”

Please have a listen to my Zahabi interview (linked above) yourself, and let me know what you think in the comment section below.  I myself was distracted, trying to get my camera to work during that match and missed many of its finer details, and so I can’t say clearly who landed what other than the guillotines.  If you were there and remember it, again, please share in the comment section.

Either way, an exciting fight.  On a positive note, Sheppard later clarified his injury on his facebook page, stating: “I TORE THE MUSCLE OFF MY BONE BUT NO FRACTURE SO THAT’S GOOD NEWS!!”  Good news indeed!

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2 Responses to Chris Deschatelets Responds to Firas Zahabi’s Fightquest 16 Interview

  1. stephane vigneault says:

    Congrat to Mick he do really good …that true Neil was hurt at his shoulder bc is injured there since last 2 fight but want a keep fighting when he should not…injured or not watever…Mick do his job the guillotine was there neil tap from the shoulder pain or the guillotine only him know the answer ..we dont need to debate in a stupid thing like that the fight is done Mick won and that sit now just have to pass at the next fight..its a amateur fight its a place to learn not start rivalty we all want teh same goal and its make our fighter learn watever is fromzahabi mma,St jean FC,team bergeron or kanreikai,push mma etch please dont start bull shit taht stupid…and YES after the fight the doctor on place was really think his collarbone was broken bc the doctor told that to me after..but we send him at specialits and that a very big torn muscle…the bottom line for now is watever injured or not Mick won the fight and that the end of story dont need to start bullshit ..i like all the kid who come in FightQuest with a dream of learning there to become a mma pro fighter and the both neil and mick have a great futur with great people behind theme

    Stephane SIMBA Vigneault

  2. I am Neil Sheppard’s partner in business and just let me say this, everyone has seen all of Neil’s fights, he has been on tv on the Fight Network, he was 5-0 going in, I saw the videos with Neil OF Mick 3 weeks and then the week before the fight, and let’s face it Firas is right, Neil stuck to the game plan and the kid got rocked off the bat, pulled guard and neil hit the ground hard, by the way in amature fights you can’t elbow or slam the guy or else or little friend would have went for a ride, and tore the muscle right off the bone. Now I am personal strength training him now and the progress we have made in the last 3 months has been super-human. It was, in my opinion, the only part of his game that was missing to complete him. Now as for his coach saying he took the fight 2 weeks before, well that’s life deal with it. If he would have lost he would have used the same story. I think the ground is set for a future rematch when they turn pro and go skill for skill and anything goes, watch for Neil, he is coming fast check out the facebook page CAMPBUZZSAW SHEPPARD AND HIS SPONSORS IN SEPTEMBER FOR HIS NEXT FIGHT.

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