Post-Fight Interview w/ Keven Pellerin

After winning his last amateur fight by submission at Summum MMA 2, I spoke with 17 year-old Team Legion fighter Keven Pellerin.  He told me about setting up the arm bar that won him the fight, why he looks forward to leaving amateur rules behind, his love of extreme sports, and how ready he is to begin fighting as a professional. (interview in french, 4:54).

Summum MMA President/Ringside MMA matchmaker Joey Benoit told me after the fight that Pellerin will make his professional debut at Rising Star 2 this March 26th.

A victorious Keven Pellerin after the fight

Pellerin (right) and Zander McComber (left) receive pre-fight instructions from referee Loic Pascal Magnier (center). Photo by Matthew Consalvo

Pellerin (left) moves back from a Zander McComber (right) punch in the first round. Photo by Matthew Consalvo

After being taken down by McComber (top), Pellerin (bottom) sets up the arm-bar that won him the fight. Photo by Matthew Consalvo

Pellerin's hand raised in victory after the fight. Photo by Matthew Consalvo

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