Fight Card for Summum MMA 2

Summum MMA 2 goes down in Brossard tomorrow night.  Here is an up-to-date list of the fights fans will see (weight classes in bold).  Remy Bussieres vs. Jason Courchesne will be the evening’s main event.

170 – Remy Bussieres (Ultimaction) vs Jason Courchesne (Kanreikai FC)
165 – Jeremy Mcnamara (Longueuil FC) vs Jeff Blake (RW MMA)
135 – Jonathan Kumps (Team Legion) vs Cyril Roberts (Académie Pro Star MMA)
155 – Josten Tardif (Team Shredder) vs Karim Ranni (Longueuil FC)
170 – Thierry Quevillon (Team Barbarian) vs Enock Blanchette (RW MMA)
155 – Mat Demore (Team Shredder) vs Justin Larocque (RW MMA)
180 – Keven Pellerin (Team Légion) vs Zander McComber (RW MMA)
205 – Robin Helou (Team Burgess) vs Ryan St-James (RW MMA)
180 – Jonathan Vallée (Orion MMA) vs Karonhiio Diabo (RW MMA)
175 – Jonathan Roblin (Team Barbarian) vs Mohammed Sylla (RW MMA)
160 – Julien Ravart (Orion MMA) vs Jeremie Capony (Longueuil FC)
170 – Jonathan Pivin (Ultimaction) vs D’arcy Monson (RW MMA)
155 – Patrick Archambault (Team Barbarian) vs Luigi la Selva (Wolfpack MMA)

All fights are fought under amateur rules, with three 2 minute rounds, 12 oz. gloves, no elbows, and no knees.  Fighters also wear shin pads.

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