Quick Results for Fightquest 16

Fightquest 16 went down Saturday night in Laval at Le Skratch pool hall before a crowd of almost 600 fans.  Here are the quick results of the night.  Check in Sunday for a plethora of pre and post interviews with fighters, trainers, including Firas Zahabi, and Fightquest’s president Stephane Vigneault.

1. Ian Perron (Zahabi) def. Emmanuel Crevier (Evolution) via judge’s decision

2. Mick Dufort (Fight Club St-Jean) def. Neil Sheppard (Zahabi MMA) via guillotine at 1:32 of round 1.

3. Bruno-Pierre Dubois (Juvaldo) def.  Mike Bullock (Push MMA) by TKO (ground and pound) at 1:10 of Round 1

4. Vladimir Starcencov (Zahabi MMA) def.  Ike Chiplick (Push MMA) via KO at 0:10 of the 1st Round (Massacre of the night!).

5. Patrick Lafleur (Zahabi MMA) def.  Samuel DesRuisseaux (UltimAction) via arm bar at 1:07 of Round 1.

6. Sylvain Paquette (Zahabi Rive-Sud)  def.  Ricardo Moreau (Kanreikai) by TKO at 1:50 of Round 1.

7. Kevin Chauvette (UltimAction) def. Kirk Paradis (Juvaldo) by judge’s decision.

8. Chris Tinkler (TKO Fight Club) def.  Tyler Hawkney (Push MMA) via TKO at 1:32 of Round 2.

9. Mo Yang (Zahabi MMA) def. Brian Sandaga (ARA Academy) via TKO at 1:58 of Round 2

10. Kevin Dellow (Zahabi MMA) def. Jordan Turcotte (Force Extreme) via Rear Naked Choke at 1:12 of Round 1.

11. Zak Ben Brahim (Juvaldo) def. Ivan Rogic (Zahabi MMA)  via judge’s decision.

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5 Responses to Quick Results for Fightquest 16

  1. It was one of the most memorable evenings in Fight Quest history. Thanks to all the fighters who made that possible and thanks to you for covering the event!

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