Fightquest 16 Pre-Fight Interview w/ Matchmaker Benoit Lelievre

Fightquest 16 takes place this Saturday night in Laval.  I spoke by phone this afternoon with matchmaker Benoit Lelievre, about what amateur MMA is, why he thinks young fighters should start their careers there, the difficulties of match-making at that level, and what to expect when the fights go down tomorrow night.  (Interview in 2 parts, click through for the fight card line-up).

Part 1
Part 2

Here are the scheduled fights for Fightquest 16.

Official Lineup (courtesy of Top MMA News, weight division precedes matchups)

135-140: Kirk Paradis (Juvaldo) vs. Kevin Chauvette (UltimAction)
135-140: Neil Sheppard (Zahabi MMA) vs.  Mick Dufort (Fight Club St-Jean)
145-150: Mo Yang (Zahabi MMA) vs. Brian Sandaga (ARA Academy)
155-160: Patrick Lafleur (Zahabi MMA)  vs.   Samuel DesRuisseaux (UltimAction)
155-160: Ivan Rogic (Zahabi MMA)  vs.  Zak Ben Brahim (Juvaldo)
160-165: Sylvain Paquette (Zahabi Rive-Sud)  vs.  Ricardo Moreau (Kanreikai)
165-170: Bruno-Pierre Dubois (Juvaldo)   vs.   James Chalice (Push MMA)
180-185: Renaud Paquette (Zahabi MMA)   vs.    Eric Todish (Push MMA)
180-185: Kevin Dellow (Zahabi MM)   vs.   Louis Mercier-Roy (Juvaldo)
180-185: Ian Perron (Zahabi MMA)   vs.   Emmanuel Crevier (Evolution)
HW: Chris Tinkler (TKO Fight Club)   vs.     Tyler Hawkney (Push MMA)
HW: Vladimir Starcencov (0-0) vs.  Ike Chiplick (0-0)

Fightquest matchmaker Benoit Lelievre informed me that a previously announced bout between Tariq Ismail (FIT MMA/Zahabi MMA) and Dave Régimbald (Speedy Gym) was canceled due to Ismail having problems reaching his contracted weight.

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