Exclusive Pre-Fight Interviews for Ringside MMA Rising Star 1

I conducted these interviews Friday during the weigh-in session, to find out more about Saturday’s fight card.  I spoke with main-eventers Lenard Terrance and Robert Masson, Ringside MMA president Eric Champoux, and TFC light-heavyweight champion Martin Désilets.

Interview with Lenard Terrance (Fighter in the main event)

Lenard Terrance (center), with corner man Jake Miller (right), and Stéphane Vigneault (left)

Interview with Robert Masson (in french) (Fighter in the main event.  The 2nd voice that shows up towards the end is his corner man Pierre-Luc Dufresne).

Robert Masson (right) with trainer Pierre-Luc Dufresne (left)

Interview with Eric Champoux (in french.) (Ringside MMA President)

Ringside MMA President Eric Champoux

Interview with Martin Désilets (in french) (TFC Lightweight champion, corner man for Tommy Côté)

TFC light-heavyweight champion Martin Désilets

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