Ringside MMA Rising Star 1 Weigh-In Results & Photos

The weigh-in for Saturday night’s Ringside MMA Rising Star 1 took place this afternoon in a the basement of the Espresso Hotel in downtown Montreal.  Fighters, their corners, managers, and family gathered, about 40 in all.  The fight card is focused on fighters just starting their professional careers (see photos for respective records).

Prior to the weigh-in, fighters were required to sign in with officials from Quebec’s ‘Régie des alcools, des courses, et des jeux’ (RACJ).

Rules were then laid out by the Régie, similar to what fans are used to seeing in the UFC.  Notable exceptions include the banning of foot stomps, the permission to use 1/1000 concentration adrenaline in the Vaseline applied to fighter’s faces between rounds (this helps stop bleeding but is banned in many US states), and only being allowed one corner man in the cage between rounds.

Normal rules apply banning grabbing of the cage, throws onto the head, kick or knees to an opponent’s head when more than his feet are on the ground, and 12-6 elbows.  Fighters were also warned that if their bodies were detected to have been greased prior to the fight, they wouldn’t be allowed to compete.

Ringside MMA’s Octagon is 24 feet wide, smaller than the UFC’s.

The RACJ also warned that inspectors must be present when a fighter is having his hands wrapped.  They are permitted 40 yards of gauze, and 15 feet of tape, per hand.

Once the weigh-ins took place, all 14 fighters met their contracted weights (weight divisions in bold, photos below).

HW – Lenard Terrance (291.8 lbs) vs Robert Masson  (236.6 lbs)
165 (Catch weight) – Jean-Francois Royer (164.6 lbs.) vs Yohan Gariépy (164.2 lbs.)
135 (Bantamweight) – Maxime Fecteau (134.4lbs.) vs Stéphane Pelletier (135.4 lbs.)
155 (Lightweight)
– Taylor Solomon (156 lbs.) vs Albert Cheng (156 lbs.)
150 (Catch weight)
– Tommy Côté (149 lbs.) vs Danny St-Gelais (149.6 lbs.)
135 (Bantamweight)
– Maxime Dubois (134.6 lbs.) vs Éric Daigneault (135 lbs.)
– Martin Trempe (213.8 lbs.) vs Jeff Breau (246.2 lbs.)

A scheduled 170 lbs. fight between Chris Franck and Alex Laramée has been canceled after injuries forced one of the fighters to withdraw.

Lenard 'LT' Terrance

Robert Masson

Lenard Terrance (1-0) vs. Robert Masson (1-0)

Jean-Francois 'Jeff' Royer

Yohan Gariépy

Jean-Francois Royer (2-1) vs. Yohan Gariépy (1-2)

Maxime 'The Machine' Fecteau

Stéphane Pelletier

Stéphane Pelletier (2-1) vs. Maxime 'The Machine' Fecteau (1-0)

Taylor Solomon

Albert Cheng

Albert Cheng (1-0) vs. Taylor Solomon (2-0)

Tommy Côté

Danny St-Gelais

Tommy Côté (1-0) vs Danny St-Gelais (2-0)

Maxime Dubois

Éric Daigneault

Maxime Dubois (0-0) vs Éric Daigneault (0-1)

Martin Trempe

Jeff Breau

Martin Trempe (0-1) vs Jeff Breau (0-0)

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